Committee of Directors

Dr Vibha Dhawan

Director General

Dr Alok Adholeya

Senior Director, Sustainable Agriculture

Mr Anshuman

Associate Director, Water Resources

Ms Shabnam Bassi

Associate Director, GRIHA Council

Mr Souvik Bhattacharjya

Associate Director, Integrated Policy Analysis Division

Dr P K Bhattacharya

Associate Director, Knowledge Resource Centre

Mr Sunil Dhingra

Associate Director, Renewable Energy Technologies

Ms Anupama Jauhry

Associate Director, TERI Press

Col. Sanjai Joshi

Senior Director, Administrative Services

Mr Amit Kumar

Senior Director, Social Transformation

Dr Livleen K Kahlon

Associate Director, Environmental Education and Awareness

Dr Banwari Lal

Senior Director, Environmental & Industrial Biotechnology

Dr Ritu Mathur

Director, Integrated Assessments & Modelling

Mr Jagdish Mutharia

Director, Information Technology and Services

Ms Rishu Nigam

Associate Director, Creative Content

Dr Debajit Palit

Director, Rural Energy and Livelihoods

Mr Prosanto Pal

Associate Director, Industrial Energy Efficiency

Dr Suneel Pandey

Director, Environment & Waste Management

Dr Anjali Parasnis

Associate Director, Nutritional Security

Mr D N Narasimha Raju

Director, Director-General's Office

Dr G R Narasimha Rao

Director, Industrial Energy Efficiency

Mr R R Rashmi

Distinguished Fellow and Programme Director, Earth Science and Climate Change

Dr Dipankar Saharia

Director, TERI-North East Centre

Dr Syamal Kumar Sarkar

Senior Director, Natural Resource & Climate

Mr A K Saxena

Senior Director, Electricity & Fuels Division

Mr Sanjay Seth

Senior Director, Sustainable Habitat

Mr Girish Sethi

Senior Director, Energy

Dr Sumit Sharma

Director, Earth Science and Climate Change

Dr Jitendra Vir Sharma

Director, Land Resources

Dr Reena Singh

Associate Director, Sustainable Agriculture

Dr Annapurna Vancheswaran

Senior Director, Communications Outreach and Advocacy Unit