A transition to clean energy lies at the heart of achieving India’s Nationally Determined Contributions towards the Paris Agreement. Our work focuses on creating initiatives and business models that give millions of underserved people in India access to clean energy, increase the supply and integration of renewable energy into the grid, and promote energy efficiency in various sectors, particularly in industry, public utilities and buildings. We demonstrate change by improving the quality of life of rural communities through clean cooking, lighting and livelihood solutions. Hundreds of small and medium enterprises have reduced their energy consumption by adopting our energy efficiency technologies and practices. Our energy modelling and analyses continue to inform India’s policies towards low-carbon growth.

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    Climate action: Industries need to be frontrunners for a low-carbon future

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    Energy Transitions India - Developing pathways to a low-carbon economy

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    Dousing the farm fires: Turning crop waste into wealth for Punjab, Haryana and Delhi NCR

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