TERI Council for Business Sustainability

TERI Council for Business Sustainability (TERI CBS) serves as the interface for TERI’s research work to be connected to the corporate world. TERI CBS engages with the core issue of what businesses must do to shape and lead in sustainability. The Council is a network of Indian business leaders working on a shared commitment to mainstream sustainability in business strategies and practices. Activities of the Council are governed by an Executive Committee - comprising CEOs from amongst the member companies.



  • Harnessing the Potential

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    TERI celebrates 50 years of environmental excellence and innovation

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    Research Paper

    Discussion paper on India’s Journey to Net Zero: A Conceptual Framework for Analysis

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    TERI’s 100-day Green Agenda for the New Government

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    TERI CBS Calendar of Corporate Engagements in FY 2024-25

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    State Leadership Meet: Rajasthan 2024

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Meeting of Chief Sustainability Officers

June 13, 2024
to June 13, 2024

Meeting of Chief Sustainability Officers

February 8, 2024
to February 8, 2024

Accelerating Multistakeholder Cooperation for Climate Actions in the Global South

December 9, 2023
to December 9, 2023

Countries across the Global South have set ambitious targets on energy transition, a key element of their climate action. Implementing such ambitious targets, however, is dependent on several factors like conducive policies, progressive business actions and access to clean technologies enabled by international cooperation.

Green Market Instruments for Industry Decarbonisation – Spotlight on Steel in Emerging Economies

December 5, 2023
to December 5, 2023

Indicative findings from the Global Stocktake highlight that insufficient progress has been made in reducing emissions from industry. Given that emerging economies need to balance economic growth with climate action, industry decarbonisation becomes indispensable for their development.


Changing role of chief sustainability officers in the services sector

The role of a sustainability officer, particularly in the services sector, becomes multi-dimensional as all players in the ecosystem have to be taken along

Changing role of chief sustainability officers

Sustainability in businesses has moved from a compliance based approach to an impact measurement and mitigation approach


Sustainability Super Trends 2018

Transformation, Momentum and Collaboration emerge as the keywords for Indian companies exhibiting their leadership on sustainability. The term 'sustainability' having reached boardrooms, the practices are being increasingly mainstreamed.

The TERI CBS report captures the Sustainability Super Trends of 2018 that - CEOs, Business Heads, Chief Sustainability Officers and/or such designated officers leading sustainability function - should be cognizant about. These trends become vital while shaping sustainability roadmaps and materiality evaluation for Indian companies.

White paper on National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC)

Through successive consultations with its member companies and advice provided by the industry associations, TERI-BCSD developed the White Paper on "Corporate Action Plan on Climate Change". The White Paper brings out a clear definition of actions by business and industry, which will facilitate the development of specific policies and augment the implementation of the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC).