Environment, Climate and Water Security: Water Security and Climate Adaptation in Rural India (WASCA)

December 11, 2021
| Ongoing project
| Climate | Water

The primary objective of the project financed by this grant is to interpret scientific assessment of climatic typologies at national, state and pilot district level to provide evidence base for contextualizing climate adaptation measures for enhancing water security in the WASCA pilot project locations. The overall objectives are to:

Supporting energy transition of the Indian state of Goa

December 8, 2021
| Ongoing project
| Renewable Energy

The following activities in pursuit of the Grant objectives:

a. Literature review of State's current policy and regulatory framework, present status of electricity supply and demand including status on RE capacity, economic growth patterns, consumer types.

Support the valuation of mountain forests and mangroves in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

December 4, 2021
| Ongoing project
| Forest & Biodiversity

The main objective of this project is to support a core team in the World Bank to develop a set of technical activities in order to deliver the following outputs: (i) assessment of the costs of deforestation and degradation, in the mountain forests and mangroves; and (ii) ecosystem valuation of the mountain forests, as well as the assessment of the provisioning of key ec

Scoping project: design of India-UK E-mobility accelerator awareness campaign

December 3, 2021
| Ongoing project
| Electricity & Fuels | Transport

The purpose of the project is to work on a scoping project to design UK-India Electric Mobility Accelerator Awareness Campaign which can support delivery of India's ambition on adoption of electric mobility, thereby contributing to cleaner air in cities, achieving energy security and creating new jobs both in India and in the UK.

Research concerning cutting-edge topics in Energy and Environment Fields

December 3, 2021
| Ongoing project
| Energy Efficiency

The project focuses on carrying out research on the cutting-edge topics in energy and environment fields in India like hydrogen, biomass energy, electric vehicle, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), etc. through secondary research and interactions with key stakeholders.

Opportunities, Risks and Governance for Deep Sea Mining in the Indo Pacific

July 1, 2021
| Ongoing project
| Water

Mineral resources in the Indo-Pacific represent a substantial opportunity to provide the materials required for economic development and the specialist minerals need for the energy transition. Licenses to extract minerals from Deep Sea Mining (DSM) to realise this opportunity are starting to be awarded in the Indo-Pacific.

Rehabilitation and Closure plan for converting redmud dump

June 28, 2021
| Ongoing project
| Land

The objective of this project is to develop green cover, in order to reduce mud erosion and windblown dust during the summer season. The specific objectives are to: 1. Ensure that the green belt restoration, helps in filtering out the rainwater, thereby improving the water quality (pH neutral).

Strengthening Clean Air Action Plans Ricardo Energy & Environment Energy Audit and Consultancy Services

June 22, 2021
| Ongoing project
| Air

The project is primarily intended to strengthen the clean air action plan developed for three non-attainment cities in India, namely Surat, Pune and Nagpur. The following are the major objectives to achieve this 1.       Assessment of methods and procedures followed in the development of the action plans prepared in the three cities

Changemakers for Climate Action

June 21, 2021
| Ongoing project
| Environment

The project aims to bring forth the voices of the youth of India and work as a platform for them to connect with governments, mentors, incubators, and investors, to develop their ecopreneurship skills.

Selected brick kilns in Palwal District, Haryana

June 16, 2021
| Ongoing project
| Climate

Building infrastructure in India is estimated to grow at a rate of 6.6% per year between 2005 and 2030. The building stock is expected to multiply five times during this period, resulting in a continuous increase in demand for brick and other building materials.