Accelerating Sustainable Training in the Armed Forces

May 30, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Resource Efficiency & Security

By assessing the carbon footprint of India's defence sector, the project aims to recommend technology interventions such as simulator-based training to cut down the sector's GHG emissions while retaining the training efficacy of defence personnel

Programme LEAD (Leadership for Environment, Awareness and Development)

April 20, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Climate | Energy | Renewable Energy | Energy Efficiency | Forest & Biodiversity | Waste | Habitat | Environment | Energy

The Environment Education and Awareness (EEA) Area at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has designed a summer programme that enables school students to gain knowledge, enhance their skillsets and obtain access to resources and networks to strengthen their competencies on issues related to environment and sustainable development.

Youth Climate Conclave

March 1, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Environment

Youth from across the country joined together for 4th Edition of Youth Climate Conclave (2022 – 23) which was held on 19- 21 February 2023 to discuss and deliberate on the most pressing issues related to climate action.

Freight Greenhouse Gas Calculator

October 11, 2022
| Ongoing project
| Transport

Integrated development of school and community leading to learning and development through interventions of sustainable technologies

August 11, 2022
| Ongoing project
| Environment

The PNB Gilts CSR project with TERI has led to the implementation of CSR project in Rewari for the community and school on the theme of environment sustainability.

CONCOR CSR Chair project for Environment Sustainability

August 10, 2022
| Ongoing project
| Environment

CONCOR CSR Chair project on Environment Sustainability is a CSR based initiative to address the social and environmental issues for most vulnerable community in India and to provide sustainable solutions on the theme of environment sustainability. The project involved both research and implementation components.