We provide a progressive environment for a diverse workforce to enable our employees to work towards the realisation of our vision and mission. There is a focus on developing a culture that recognises performance at work with continuous learning and development being an essential element of the work atmosphere. We encourage cross-functional research activities that provide opportunities to professionals to contribute to and gain knowledge and expertise in areas other than their primary research area, thereby enhancing diversity in professional capabilities and personal development.

Human capital

At TERI, we consider all colleagues to be of utmost value and the foundation for the success of the institution. The synergy brought about by our human resources is a result of the freedom and flexibility that is provided to our research professionals. TERI fosters a culture that respects diversity in age, gender, education, and realises that each individual is unique and that brings a fresh perspective and his or her own skill sets to the table. This in turn helps us build a collaborative culture.

We recruit candidates at various levels in the following categories:

Strategic plan


We look for research professionals at various levels with strong analytical and communication skills and passion towards research related to sustainable development. Generally, we require post graduate /PhD degree in Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology, or Social Sciences. We also look for subject experts who can lead new research ideas and have the leadership ability to provide vision, strategy and overall direction to their division to ensure that it achieves the highest possible standards of excellence in all its activities.

Support services professionals

We also recruit support services professionals in Administration, Accounts and Finance, IT, Procurement, and Human Resources. These areas are crucial to the smooth operation of the organisation. In this category, we look for candidates who have a graduate degree in related fields and relevant experiences in their respective areas.

Consulting roles

We also engage short-term project consultants who work on assigned tasks in on-going projects. They assist us in conducting field visits, preparing documents, and writing reports.