Dr Nupur Bahadur

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Dr Nupur Bahadur
Associate Director, Circular Economy and Waste Management

Dr Nupur Bahadur is engaged with the Circular Economy and Waste Management Division of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) as its Associate Director. The inventor of TERI's TADOX® (TERI Advanced Oxidation) Technology to treat municipal and industrial wastewater, Dr Bahadur has been associated with TERI since 2017.

In addition to her capacity as an Associate Director at TERI, Dr Bahadur is also an Adjunct Faculty at the TERI School of Advanced Studies and serves as the Vice-Chairperson, IWA-India. She is also a Member of the Consultative Group of Experts Committee, Central Pollution Control Board, MoEFCC, GoI for the preparation of BREF/COINDS Document for Textile Sector in India.

She obtained Ph.D. in Chemistry from IIT Roorkee and her 23 years of work experience involves R&D, teaching, policy, capacity building & technopreneur roles with specialization in Advanced Oxidation Nanotechnology for Wastewater Treatment, ZLD and Water Reuse.

Recognising her contribution in the field of technology nanotechnology for wastewater treatment and technology innovation, Dr Bahadur has been felicitated with several awards including the Design & Manufacturing Technologies Award for ‘Make in India’ by Ministry of Science & Technology, GoI and FICCI Water Award 2022 for Innovation in Water Technology. She was also featured amongst the 10 Indian Water Sheroes in 2023 by the O/o PSA to GoI, Red Dot Foundation and UN Women.

Email: nupur.bahadur@teri.res.in