Dr Nupur Bahadur

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Dr Nupur Bahadur
Associate Director, Environment & Waste Management

Dr. Nupur Bahadur is Senior Fellow & Associate Director of Environment and Waste Management Division of TERI and Heads NMCG-TERI CoE on Water Reuse. A water professional with 22 years of experience in the area of Advanced Oxidation Nanotechnology (AON) for Wastewater Treatment, ZLD and Water Reuse, Dr Bahadur is also the Vice-Chairperson, International Water Association (IWA)-India and a Member of the Consultative Group of Experts Committee of CPCB, MoEFCC, GoI for the preparation of BREF/COINDS Document for Textile Sector in India.


Furthermore, Dr Bahadur is the Head of LG Delhi Sub-Committee on Wastewater Management, Pollution Abatement & Water Reuse Plan for Delhi and the Team Lead, World Bank Consultancy Project for BWSSB to assess advanced technology options to achieve decarbonization & resource recovery in wastewater management.

A Ph.D. in Chemistry from IIT Roorkee, she is the brains behind TERI's TADOX® Technology that works towards treating municipal and industrial wastewater. The technology intervention aims at making wastewater treatment efficient, sustainable, affordable, regulatory compliant, robust & future-ready. Her diversified work experience involves teaching, R&D, technology development, policy interventions, capacity building, and technopreneur roles. She has six patents filed and a registered trademark to her credit.

Dr Bahadur has been a recipient of several awards including FICCI Water Award 2022 for Innovation in Water Technology, STE Meritorious Award in 2020 and STE Water Award–2019 for Technological Innovation in Wastewater Treatment, VIWA-2018 Outstanding Women in Science (Chemistry) by Venus International Foundation, Chennai, and Design & Manufacturing Technologies for ‘Make in India’ in IISF-2015, by the Ministry of Science & Technology, GoI.