Mycorrhizae-based biofertilizers: a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers

Mycorrhiza is a biofertilizer that helps in promotion of plant growth in an environment friendly manner as well as providing several other benefits to cultivation of plants. TERI's In Vitro Mass Production Technology offers the commercial production of viable, healthy, genetically pure and high quality mycorrhiza without contamination in sterile environment using very less space. Competitively priced product formulations of tablets, granules and powder forms have been developed for end users.

High-quality planting material produced through micropropagation

TERI's micropropagation centre for mass propagation of cash crops and forest species supplies superior-quality tissue-cultured plants individual and government bodies, such as forest departments. The centre also conducts contractual research and production of plants, inoculates tissue-cultured plantlets with efficient mycorrhizae biofertilizers; offers post-delivery field care; and even helps entrepreneurs set up laboratories, greenhouses, and so on. The centre has state-of-the-art infrastructure ranging from modern laboratories and latest equipment, to greenhouses and polyhouses. Over 70 micropropagation protocols are available at the centre.


Biomass Gasifier for heat and power generation applications

TERI Biomass Gasifiers (downdraft mode) feature a throat-less patented design with multi-fuel capability. These are customizable for heat and power generation in rural, commercial and industrial applications.

Smokeless, clean combustion cookstoves

The clean combustion cookstove boasts of reduction in emissions while being 15-20% more effective than conventional stoves. This cookstove is also highly customizable for local rural needs and is user friendly and affordable. It has a thermal capacity of 2 kWth and can use wood pieces and briquettes as fuel. It has been extensively distributed as part of TERI's social transformation programme in various villages for community cooking purposes.


Oilzapper: Microbes to treat oil contaminated soil and sludge

The Oilzapper is essentially a consortium of different bacterial strains that are immobilized and mixed with a carrier material. Oilzapper enables bioremediation of oil contaminated soil and sludge by feeding on hydrocarbon compounds present in crude oil and oily sludge, thereby converting them into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

TEAM – for turning organic waste into energy

TERI's Enhanced Acidification and Methanation (TEAM) system converts organic waste into biogas. It has a shorter waste processing time in comparison to other biogas plants. The system is customizable for use in different climatic conditions.

Ceramic membranes for treating industrial waste

TERI has successfully demonstrated the use of ceramic membrane filters in submerged membrane bioreactors (MBRs) for sewage treatment. These filters are made from fly ash and are considerably cheaper than commercially available membranes. This is a decentralized system that allows for industrial wastewater to be treated for re-use on site, thus resulting in water use efficiency.

TADOX, a comprehensive wastewater treatment technology

TERI Advanced Oxidation Technology (TADOX), a patented comprehensive wastewater treatment technology, offers end-to-end treatment of industrial wastewater, mixed streams with untreated sewage, municipal wastewater containing high colour, chemical oxygen demand (COD), biological oxygen demand (BOD), total organic carbon (TOC), dissolved organics, non-biodegradable or persistent organic pollutants (POPs). The treatment integrates nanotechnology with Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs), which together is referred to as Advanced Oxidation Nanotechnology (AON).