Electricity & Fuels

Electricity is a crucial sector for the development of a modern, prosperous and sustainable economy. We work on improving the socio-economic performance of the electricity sector, and the development and implementation of policies to reduce its environmental footprint. We work with distribution utilities, central and state level regulators, and companies in the electricity and allied fuel sectors.

Electricity Fuels


  • forest wood

    Discussion Paper

    Emissions control in thermal power stations: Issues, challenges, and the way forward

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  • village-community

    Discussion Paper

    Understanding India's electricity sector transition to renewables

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  • nagaland hunter


    Energy Transitions India - Developing pathways to a low-carbon economy

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  • Press Release

    BHEL to be awarded rare tender for battery energy storage system under TERI consortium project

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  • Social Impact Assessment


    The issue of renewable energy availability in India is over; now it's about scale-up: Dr Ajay Mathur

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Area Convenor, Electricity & Fuels Group
Senior Director, Electricity & Fuels Division