In our efforts to address the challenges for sustainable development, we strive to ensure that our knowledge and research are shared with varied audiences, including governments, media, youth, and civil society. Through our activities we establish a link with stakeholders, facilitating information exchange to promulgate our vision. We also develop platforms to share the work and perspectives with the global community.


World Sustainable Development Summit

The WSDS has been the flagship event of TERI since 2001. It is a global forum that seeks to provide long-term solutions to protect our planet. Held annually, WSDS is the only event of its kind in the world with participation by global stakeholders—multilateral and bilateral development organizations, governments, the corporate sector, non-governmental organizations, and academic and research institutions. Now, globally esteemed as a credible summit on global issues related to sustainable development, it continues to provide hope to communities lagging behind on development indicators.

Environment education

Through a network of over 50,000 schools and 10,000 colleges in India, we promote environmental education and awareness. Under its school outreach efforts, we have designed an effective pedagogy to promote sustainability practices around water, sanitation, and hygiene. The Green Olympiad, an environment examination, conducted since 1999, has continued to grow in numbers and has received participation from India and nine other countries that include Indonesia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, Nepal, Russia, State of Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

Films and videos

Our films are stories of change. While we produce a vast body of scientific knowledge on energy and environmental issues, we also capture the human side of the story through powerful images and voices from across India that brings out the many struggles and solutions related to sustainable development. We produce content for a wide outreach of our knowledge, and for partners with a common vision towards development. Several of these productions have won awards on prestigious national forums.


Keeping in view our commitment to the dissemination of research and academic knowledge in the printed form, TERI Press, one of the first green publishers in India, brings out high-quality text, reference, children’s books, and popular books as well as peer-reviewed journals and popular magazines. Our array of titles not only sensitizes children on environmental issues and prepares them for a ‘green’ future, but also helps academicians and professionals integrate their efforts in the pursuit of a sustainable future.


We also facilitate a seamless flow of information to various stakeholder groups. We develop strategies to share our research and policy work on conventional and new age platforms. We also undertake activities that encourage stronger communication with the media, such as sensitization workshops and facilitating participation of journalists at key global events such as CoP 26.

Community radio

Located at an altitude of more than 2286 m, Kumaon Vani reaches out to nearly 500 villages in Uttarakhand. It produces and broadcast series of episodes and live shows that benefit the farming community and address issues like women health and nutrition. A team from the local community has been trained in radio jockeying, editorial and technical production to run the station independently. It is primarily responsible for grassroots engagement with the community by collecting ideas and feedback from different parts of the Kumaon region.


Dr Dipankar Saharia

Senior Director- Administrative Services and Regional Centres

Dr Livleen K Kahlon

Associate Director, Environment Education and Awareness

Ms Anupama Jauhry

Associate Director, Communications & Publications

Dr Neha

Senior Fellow and Area Convenor, Strategic Communication for Sustainability

Dr Shailly Kedia

Associate Director, Sustainable Development and Outreach

Ms Taru Mehta

Senior Fellow and Area Convenor, Education for Youth Empowerment