Assessing the impact of mechanised road sweepers on reducing road dust

July 16, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Waste | Cities

TERI undertakes first-of-its-kind audit for South Delhi

Australia-India Knowledge Exchange on 'Smart Energy Management for Sustainable Cities'

July 1, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Mitigation | Cities | Habitat | Energy | Climate

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India, in collaboration with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, Australia, is organizing workshops on 'Smart Energy Management for Sustainable Cities’ as part of the Australia-India Knowledge Exchange partnership.

East Africa Peru India Climate Capacities: Climate capacity building for risk anticipation and minimisation

July 1, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Climate science

The overarching goal of this project is to strengthen resilience against disruptive weather phenomena and climate change at national, regional and local levels in three partner countries: India, Peru, and Tanzania.

Evaluation and Validation of anticancer metabolites from Himalayan lichens and development of polymeric nanoformulation as potential cancer therapautic agent

June 21, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Health & Nutrition

The project aims to explore the chemical diversity of the natural products from Trans Himalayan region, in order to identify novel lichen-based anti-cancer agents. Lichens are unique microorganisms comprising of a fungal and an algal partner. The study is based on the evaluation and validation of anti-cancer compounds from lichens of Himalayan origin.

Centre for processes and structures to support translational research and innovations in Nanobiotechnology

May 22, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Agriculture

The project aims to develop financially independent knowledge centre that can act like a vehicle to support the translational research in Nano-Biotechnology.

Preparation of National Survey on R&D Resources 2018-19 covering the time duration of 2015-16, 2016-2017 and 2017-18

April 1, 2018
| Ongoing project

The National S&T Survey aimed at capturing the current R&D landscape by collecting information from around 5000 R&D organizations comprising Central and State sector research institutions and laboratories, public sector, private sector, multinationals, Scientific and Industrial Research Organizations, and non-government organizations.

The Green School, A TATA Steel-TERI initiative

April 1, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Water | Energy

The Green School project by TERI, in association with Tata Steel Limited, aims to create awareness and understanding about environmental issues in school campuses in the operational areas of Tata Steel. The project is meant to create awareness among students on climate change and the ways sustainable lifestyle can help mitigate the adverse impact of climate change.

To assist the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development (IGSD) with its Energy Efficiency Campaign (2018-2019)

March 1, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Climate | Energy Efficiency

The main objectives of this project are to: (1) Work on secondary-loop mobile air conditioner (SL-MAC) work in India especially through effective outreach about the environmental benefits and fuel savings to government and non-government organizations with the intent to speed commercialization;

Electric Mobility Paradigm Shift: Capturing the Opportunities

February 16, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Transport

The electrification of road transport sector can be one of the pathways to reduce dependence on fossil fuel, and mitigate vehicular pollution.

Distribution Utilities Forum: A stakeholder forum for key actors in electricity distribution sector

February 12, 2018
| Ongoing project
| Electricity & Fuels | Renewable Energy | Energy Access

A stakeholder forum for key actors in the power distribution sector