CONCOR CSR Chair project for Environment Sustainability

10 Aug 2022

CONCOR CSR Chair project on Environment Sustainability is a CSR based initiative to address the social and environmental issues for most vulnerable community in India and to provide sustainable solutions on the theme of environment sustainability. The project involved both research and implementation components. Primarily, the research component covered research on CSR, identification of the project area, designing, planning and implementation aspects of the project. The implementation component intended to strengthen the rural community in the identified district in State of Jharkhand.

In order to ameliorate the living standards in the underdeveloped villages in Putki, Jharkhand, a CSR project was implemented with the following key activities.

  • WaSH infrastructure activity
  • Provision of digital learning centres as part of KRC activity
  • Water conservation through pond rejuvenation for community
  • Community sensitization program on rural development and environment sustainability

An immediate impact of the implementation of the project activities in the area was the increased awareness amongst the rural community and school students. Their knowledge has increased to a great extent in terms of the relevance of the interventions in their area and its associated benefits. The project theme which is based on environment sustainability has addressed solutions for schools and community by providing solutions like drinking water, clean air, digitisation, sanitation, along with community-based water conservation. Further it is expected that the project is scalable and replicable in multiple areas with similar or different sustainability issues in the project State and across India.

Environment education
Sustainable development
Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Livelihood
Women livelihoods
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