Ongoing Projects

Rehabilitation services at RMP for converting red mud dump yard into green cover

October 7, 2022
| Land

The Land Resource Division of TERI has been actively involved in the rehabilitation/remediation of mined-out areas as well as the dissemination of rehabilitation technology through the implementation of pilot projects and training and capacity building.

Integrated development of school and community leading to learning and development through interventions of sustainable technologies

August 11, 2022
| Environment

The PNB Gilts CSR project with TERI has led to the implementation of CSR project in Rewari for the community and school on the theme of environment sustainability.

CONCOR CSR Chair project for Environment Sustainability

August 10, 2022
| Environment

CONCOR CSR Chair project on Environment Sustainability is a CSR based initiative to address the social and environmental issues for most vulnerable community in India and to provide sustainable solutions on the theme of environment sustainability. The project involved both research and implementation components. Primarily, the research component covered research on CSR, identification of the project area, designing, planning and implementation aspects of the project. The implementation component intended to strengthen the rural community in the identified district in State of Jharkhand.

GREEN Olympiad 2022

August 8, 2022
| Environment

Initiated in 1999, GREEN Olympiad is one of the leading flagship programs of TERI. It is designed in an innovative manner so as to test knowledge levels of students about environment and sustainable development issues. Genesis of GREEN Olympiad (GO) rests on a vision that awareness about sustainable development issues will provide an empowered youth stewardship for our planet. GREEN Olympiad enriches interdisciplinary knowledge, skills, and eco- values necessary for achieving sustainable development.

Baseline Study for Non-Urban Road Transport

August 4, 2022
| Transport

TERI is undertaking a baseline study for the Indian non-urban road freight transport. As part of the study, TERI aims to identify major carriers, develop a methodology for data collection and validation, and establish key requirements for implementing an efficiency improvement program in the future.

Rethinking Packaging: Aluminium as Sustainable Packaging Solutionns in India - A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment Study

June 15, 2022
| Resource Efficiency & Security


The beverage packaging industry has been one of the fastest growing industries of CAGR of more than 5%. Easy access to hyper and super markets in the region has pushed up consumption of beverages. The South Asia and India in particular have witnessed robust growth of more than 20%. India consumes near to 20 billion packages out of which share of cans is very low.

Seventh Operational Phase of GEF Small Grants Programme in India

May 4, 2022
| Climate

SGP India Website Click Here

Building capacities of local communities to take collective action for conservation and sustainable development are the key areas of focus for the project.

Ocean Matters: Safeguarding Our Oceans

March 31, 2022

U.S. Consulate General Chennai in partnership with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) brings an evidence-based awareness & education program that will train and mentor schools to collect, record and analyze environmental data related to climate change and marine pollution. The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) and “Microplastics monitoring protocol in surface waters” developed by Deakin University in collaboration with Labter-Crea MN and Globe Italia will be used to generate and understand scientific data related to ocean health.