Ongoing Projects

Environment, Climate and Water Security: Water Security and Climate Adaptation in Rural India (WASCA)

December 11, 2021
| Climate
| Water

The primary objective of the project financed by this grant is to interpret scientific assessment of climatic typologies at national, state and pilot district level to provide evidence base for contextualizing climate adaptation measures for enhancing water security in the WASCA pilot project locations. The overall objectives are to:

Supporting energy transition of the Indian state of Goa

December 8, 2021
| Renewable Energy

The following activities in pursuit of the Grant objectives:

a. Literature review of State's current policy and regulatory framework, present status of electricity supply and demand including status on RE capacity, economic growth patterns, consumer types.

b. Study for assessing the potential of RE resources that are available to the State. 

Support the valuation of mountain forests and mangroves in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

December 4, 2021
| Forest & Biodiversity

The main objective of this project is to support a core team in the World Bank to develop a set of technical activities in order to deliver the following outputs: (i) assessment of the costs of deforestation and degradation, in the mountain forests and mangroves; and (ii) ecosystem valuation of the mountain forests, as well as the assessment of the provisioning of key ecosystem services.  


Research concerning cutting-edge topics in Energy and Environment Fields

December 3, 2021
| Energy Efficiency

The project focuses on carrying out research on the cutting-edge topics in energy and environment fields in India like hydrogen, biomass energy, electric vehicle, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), etc. through secondary research and interactions with key stakeholders.

Scoping project: design of India-UK E-mobility accelerator awareness campaign

December 3, 2021
| Electricity & Fuels
| Transport

The purpose of the project is to work on a scoping project to design UK-India Electric Mobility Accelerator Awareness Campaign which can support delivery of India's ambition on adoption of electric mobility, thereby contributing to cleaner air in cities, achieving energy security and creating new jobs both in India and in the UK.

Green Olympiad

October 13, 2021
| Environment

To raise environmental consciousness and instill sustainability linked choices amongst youth, TERI undertakes several education and awareness building initiatives. GREEN Olympiad is a step in this direction, and since 1999 this initiative reaches out to over 2000 schools with a participation of approximately 2,00,000 students annually. The Olympiad is for students of Std. 4-12 from schools in India and abroad.

Youth Climate Conclave 2021

September 17, 2021
| Environment

The Youth Climate Conclave (YCC) Second Edition was concluded on 1st October 2021. Since 2019, YCC is being held under the SPIPA (Strategic Partnership for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement) project with Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India is the nodal ministry. The SPIPA project is being implemented by the Delegation of the European Union to India, in close cooperation with GIZ-India. YCC is being implemented by TERI in partnership with GIZ-India and CEEW.

Establishment of the Cluster Cells in Indore, Madhya Pradesh under Global Housing Technology Challenge - India (GHTC-India)

September 8, 2021
| Buildings

The Federal Republic of Germany and the Government of India have, under the Indo-German Technical Cooperation, agreed to jointly promote the ‘Indo-German Energy Programme’ (IGEN) with the aim to foster sustainability in built environment in order to use sustainable materials for thermal comfort and in turn improve the environment and climate conditions.

IGES Strategic activities in India in 2021

September 1, 2021
| Energy Efficiency

The main objectives of this project are to: • Follow up previous FS sites on 5 Japanese low carbon technologies (LCTs) to develop an FS case study booklet introducing adoption of, best-operating practices, energy-saving, and economic impacts, etc. and to conduct follow-up interviews from energy auditors and/or managers who participated in ToTs. • Organize one webinar (on-line WS, seminar, training, etc.) on Japanese LCTs to promote the exchange between Hyogo prefecture and Gujarat state based on their MoU.

SRF Project 2021: Strategic Research Fund Project in India

August 26, 2021
| Energy Efficiency

It consists of the following activities. 1) Sharing with IGES reference documents available about technologies, policies and measures to promote energy efficiency in two sectors of textile and foundry of the target states in India. 2) Conducting interviews with related stakeholders. 3) Updating information on financial schemes for Indian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the JITMAP website.