Green Olympiad 2019

April 1, 2019
| Ongoing project
| Environment

The Environment Education and Awareness (EEA) Area in TERI conducted GREEN Olympiad 2019 in schools across India and select countries. Schools operational under CBSE in Nepal, Singapore, Indonesia, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Turkey participated in the Olympiad.

Smart/bioactivated nano-probes for extraction and characterization of bioactive compounds from marine resources: macro and micro algae

March 22, 2019
| Ongoing project
| Agri-technology

The main objectives of this project are to: (1) Design of nano-probes loaded with probe derived against proposed bio-active molecules which are either metabolites/proteins/peptides (polyamines/ Brassinosteroids/Jasmonides/ signal peptides/antioxidants); (2) Establish a robust reproducible extraction methodology for metabolites/ proteins/ peptides sourced from

DBT - TDNBC - DEAKIN – Research Network Across continents for learning and innovation (DTD-RNA)

March 18, 2019
| Ongoing project
| Agriculture

TERI, India and Deakin University, Australia are two destinations in the world that are actively engaged in nanotechnology based research on agriculture, material science, food storage and safety.

TERI Coastal Education Hub

February 25, 2019
| Ongoing project
| Land

Coastal wetland carries a wide variety of marine biodiversity (flora and fauna) which needs to be conserved.

Skill development to sustain and enhance technical knowledge in solar energy and rural technologies systems

January 29, 2019
| Ongoing project
| Renewable Energy | Environment

The objectives of this project are to: (1) build capacity in the mountain region under the green energy skill development through solar energy technology applications; (2) align with the national agenda of development and implementation of green skills and the participants will also be engaged in practical training programme; (3) create linkage between green

Creating an integrated resource efficiency policy for India - with public input

January 27, 2019
| Ongoing project
| Resource Efficiency & Security

TERI prepared the 'Reference Document towards Developing an Integrated Resource Efficiency Policy for India' in consultation with the Resource Efficiency Cell of the MoEFCC

Water Resource Management through Spring and Catchment Rejuvenation in Uttarakhand for Improving Water Security

January 21, 2019
| Ongoing project
| Climate | Environment | Water

Himalayan glaciers and rivers, address the water need of people of the Himalayan states and India as a whole. However, despite the state's multiple water reserves, many districts of Uttarakhand face acute water scarcity. Springs of Himalaya are drying up or turning from perennial to seasonal.

Shifting to cycling can result in an annual savings of up to 1.6% of India’s GDP

January 11, 2019
| Ongoing project
| Transport

Cycling is one of the most sustainable modes of transportation.

BEE-NER -Capacity building of Discoms

January 10, 2019
| Ongoing project
| Electricity & Fuels

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has commenced a programme for capacity building of Distribution Companies (Discoms). This programme will help in integration of BEE activities with activities managed by the Discoms for Demand Side Management (DSM).

Green building design consultancy & GRIHA facilitation for proposed KRIDL office building at Jnanabharathi layout, Bangalore

January 7, 2019
| Ongoing project
| Buildings | Habitat

In this project TERI would facilitate green building design consultancy and GRIHA certification and achieve the best standards in green building design consultancy and GRIHA rating.  The site is located in Bangalore and the office complex has a total built up area of 4984 sq.m.