Sustainability Assessment of Vehicle Fuel

08 Aug 2023
Vehicle Fuel

In a scenario where India is actively pursuing green energy, the objective is to realize the full potential of biogas as a vehicular fuel. Biogas has multiple benefits in the Indian context in terms of energy efficiency, raw material availability, affordable mobility and rural mobility penetration, waste management, as well as several social-economic benefits that come with its usage. The assessment is to understand what is the win-win-win situation for auto manufacturers, the government, as well as community(users.) From an output standpoint, the aim of the project is to recommend modifications to current policies, suggest new schemes like utilization of upstream methane avoidance from biogas production into CAFE norms to attract automakers and also assess the overall improvement of quality of lives of rural communities on shifting to biogas based vehicles.

Air pollution
Road transport
Biogas/biomass technology