District Mineral Foundations: Sharing mining revenues with communities

03 Mar 2018 | Ms Joyita Ghose

Five key things you should know about District Mineral Foundations, the local institutions established in mineral producing states to share mining revenues with affected communities.

Taking the PAT road to leaner, meaner industries

28 Feb 2018 | Dr Ajay Mathur

The market-based mechanism brought about innovative ideas such as energy certificates and their trading to reduce energy consumption in industrial units

Can micro measures in urban cities offset the impact of heat stress?

27 Feb 2018 | Mr Ganesh Gorti

The growing instances of the impacts of extreme heat are a warning sign for what awaits us. The year 2015 saw massive heat related causalities across India, and Delhi was no exception to this.

Q&A: What are HFCs?

27 Feb 2018 | Ms Swati Agarwal

Climate Change Adaptation: Finding Untapped Opportunities in Uttarakhand

27 Feb 2018

High up in the tough terrains of Uttarakhand, located are the remote villages of Rudraprayag. In these upper Himalayas, where the land used to be usually covered with about a feet of snow upto a decade ago, climate change has decimated the amount of snowfall to hardly about 6 inches, which too melts away quickly. Although more bare land is available now for farming, it is still usually deprived of nutrients to support the cultivation of green vegetables or the finest variety of rice. The farming community is usually restricted to growing wheat, millets, and tuberous roots such as turmeric.

India@ 70: Concerns and Opportunities in Waste Recycling In India

23 Feb 2018 | Ms Rajeshwari Ganesan

Dr Suneel Pandey and his team discussed opportunities in waste recycling sector and the challenges of implementing the waste processing technologies in the India@70 seminar on Concerns and Opportunities in Waste Recycling In India held at TERI.

What is India losing by not conserving its land?

05 Feb 2018 | Dr Pia Sethi

An assessment of the costs of land degradation in six different parts of India

The E-rickshaw story: Was the advent of electric mobility in India planned

01 Feb 2018 | Ms Akshima Tejas Ghate| | Mr Dimpy Suneja

Long before the Government of India announced its intention to have an all-electric fleet by 2030; a three-wheeled retrofitted battery rickshaw was taking the Indian cities by storm. In 2016, in Delhi alone, the number of electric rickshaws plying on the roads was over 1,00,000.

Watershed management and development

31 Jan 2018

The primary cause for poverty and marginalization in rainfed rural areas is low crop and livestock productivity coupled with deterioration in the quality of land and other natural resources.