Touring Goa's precious wetlands

07 Mar 2018

The knowledge hub will re-acquaint visitors with coastal ecosystems and the environment

touring goa wetlandAt the TERI-initiated Coastal Education Hub at Batim, Goa - a singular educative centre - is situated in a wetland area of approximately 58,000 sq. km. TERI conducts informative and educational tours to students and domestic and international visitors to sensitize them and bring to the forefront the importance of coastal wetlands to the natural environment as well as in providing priceless services that strengthen the economy. This high quality nature experience of Goa's coastal ecosystems and traditional sustainable practices will reacquaint and deepen the knowledge of the visitors of coastal ecosystems and the environment. TERI also promotes the advancement of sustainable fishery technologies and integrated agro-technologies as well as entrepreneurship development in the state, focusing on the empowerment of women, by imparting practical training in these areas at the Hub.

Visits to the Hub will be highly beneficial to visitors in enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the locally available coastal resources and their ecological importance. This has the further benefit of providing sensitization to the significance of conserving these resources. Such an exposure visit will prove invaluable towards conserving the ecosystem, as the augmented knowledge of the visitors will allow them to act as influencers who can carry this message further into society.

Coastal ecosystems
Goa's wetlands
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