Supporting Enhancement in India's NDC Ambition

01 Dec 2019

Under this project, TERI will provide policy-relevant, cutting-edge research and analysis and thought leadership required for supporting an enhancement in India's NDCs under the Paris Agreement.

NDC Ambition

Strengthening India's Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) will require showing that further ambition is possible in sectors that are currently at the core of India's policy strategy (power), as well as expanding the NDCs to newer sectors currently not covered (transport, industry). It will also require establishing stronger analytical and policy links between India's development and sustainability agendas, particularly in crucial sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and urban development. It will also require creating, through international dialogue, enough confidence among Indian policy makers that other major economies are also considering enhanced NDCs.

With support from Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), TERI will produce policy-relevant, cutting-edge research and analysis and thought leadership required for supporting an enhancement in India's NDCs under the Paris Agreement.

TERI will support the government with well-informed policy analysis on critical areas, especially on the development of a long-term greenhouse gas reduction strategy and the industrial decarbonisation pathway. The programme will also involve convening different groups that can assist with building consensus around the emerging pieces of analysis and conclusions. These convenings would provide a place for assembling different line ministries, and international and domestic climate policy experts to enable dialogue and synthesis that takes into account the influence of different sectors on the overall objective of NDC enhancement.

The project consists of the following components

india's mid century
Enhancing forest sink
Just transition
Low carbon industrial transition

NDC Enhancement Forum

While India has played a key role in furthering climate action through its ambitious targets, it is crucial for various stakeholders within the country to work towards this shared goal. TERI, under this activity organised different sessions to build knowledge around enhancing India's Nationally Determined Contributions.

NDC Forum

Under the project, different sessions have been convened to build consensus around the emerging pieces of analysis and conclusions to further enhance the country's Nationally Determined Contributions and build better collaborative pathways for efficient climate action.

Big Picture

The first NDC enhancement forum meeting titled, 'Big Picture 2050: Shared Vision for India's Growth and Low-Emissions Development' was held on April 2, 2020 and saw participation from research think tanks, industry and businesses. Deliberations during this meeting aimed at enhancing the knowledge of stakeholders on various facets of prerequisites for a long-term strategy for India. This helped TERI to develop a draft guiding framework for India's Long-Term Strategy (LTS).

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As a follow-up to the first NDC enhancement forum meeting, a second online meeting was organised on April 30, 2020 to present the guiding framework to stakeholders for consultation and feedback. Additionally, the event saw panellist present key policy instruments needed to support a long-term strategy, including markets and pricing and share experiences from the European context so that learnings can be imbibed in the Indian context.

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India's LTS


As part of the New York Climate week held in September 2020, The NDC Enhancement Forum hosted another session which saw the launch of the 'Industry Charter for Near Zero Emission Ambition by 2050'. The session saw leading market players from Indian industries voluntarily come together for the first time to pledge for near zero emissions by 2050 through their actions and set an example for a decarbonisation pathway.

Youth and the decade ahead: New generation ethos and ideologies on climate action

On the occasion of International Youth Day 2021, the NDC Enhancement Forum organised a webinar on 'Youth and the Decade Ahead: New Generation Ethos and Ideologies on Climate Action'. The webinar served as a platform to spread awareness on climate change mitigation strategies and for the younger generation to voice their opinion on climate action. Discussions at the webinar revolved around how problem of climate change is impacting the youth personally, their role in the future discourse on climate action, and the means to achieve sustainability in their upcoming careers.