Big Picture 2050: Shared Vision for India's Growth and Low-Emissions Development

02 Apr 2020 02 Apr 2020
Ms Neha Pahuja

Big picture 2050

Paris Agreement calls for all Parties to develop Long-term low greenhouse gas emissions development strategies. While such a strategy would focus on addressing climate goals, it would impact multiple sectors of the economy. It is therefore in the interest of domestic policy-making to be informed by a long-term strategy. Particularly for a country like India, a long-term strategy needs to be considered in conjunction with complex socio-economic development goals, given the inter-linkages between mid-term decisions and long-term outcomes. This meeting will be a structured dialogue between different, complementary and competing visions of the socio-economic and technical future of the country and its key economic sectors. The meeting will delve on the questions:

  • What should Mid Century Strategy for India look like and whether Net Zero emissions are possible for India by around mid-century?
  • What are the key challenges in order to get close to Net Zero emissions by Mid Century?

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Event number: 407 389 478

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Ms Neha Pahuja
Centre for Global Environment Research
Earth Science and Climate Change

Climate change
Carbon emissions
Paris agreement
Greenhouse gas emissions

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