Programme LEAD (Leadership for Environment, Awareness and Development) 2024

01 Apr 2024

The Education for Youth Empowerment (EYE) Area of Environment Education and Awareness (EEA) Division at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has designed a summer programme that enables school students to gain knowledge, enhance their skillsets and obtain access to resources and networks to strengthen their competencies on issues related to environment and sustainable development. Technical sessions by subject experts, hands-on training, internship opportunities and mentoring on sustainability-linked topics are key activities curated within this holistic programme. The proposed programme will cover various domains of sustainable development about research, science, technology, community engagement and outreach. The intended outcomes of the programme are to nurture a cadre of environmentally conscious students who will spearhead changes at various levels (individual, peer, family and community) while concurrently accentuating skill sets and civic life, strengthening their portfolios for targeting further education opportunities. Programme LEAD is open to students of the age group 12-18 years and will be carried out from 15th May to 30th May 2024.

Building on the success of the preliminary program held in Delhi last year, we have refined and enhanced the programme. We look forward to implementing the improvements and delivering a more valuable experience for the participants.

Students can register at

Please note that the last date to register is 20th April 2024.