David Palchak |Ilya Chernyakhovskiy |Thomas Bowen |Vinayak Narwade

Annual simulations of 2030 operations demonstrate that a 22% annual penetration of wind and solar is manageable by India's grid Given the rapid and significant changes to India's power system as variable renewable electricity sources increase their share, objective of this interim report is to understand the operational challenges for India's power grid in 2030.

Three detailed ETC technical reports on how India can grow the share of renewables in its electricity system by 2030 were released at WSDS 2019

Mr Shankar Venkateswaran

Transformation, Momentum and Collaboration emerge as the keywords for Indian companies exhibiting their leadership on sustainability. The term 'sustainability' having reached boardrooms, the practices are being increasingly mainstreamed. The TERI CBS report captures the Sustainability Super Trends of 2018 that - CEOs, Business Heads, Chief Sustainability Officers and/or such designated officers leading sustainability function - should be cognizant about. These trends become vital while shaping sustainability roadmaps and materiality evaluation for Indian companies.

TERI Council for Business Sustainability

Through successive consultations with its member companies and advice provided by the industry associations, TERI-BCSD developed the White Paper on "Corporate Action Plan on Climate Change". The White Paper brings out a clear definition of actions by business and industry, which will facilitate the development of specific policies and augment the implementation of the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC).

The goal of the study is to conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) to analyse the environmental performance of single-use packaging products.