Ongoing Projects

Sustainability assessment of the thermochemical conversion of post-extraction plant residues to address climate change

January 8, 2020
| Waste
| Climate

The L'Oréal Group  is one of the leading manufacturers of beauty products and uses different types of plant extracts for the development of its products. The process generates a large quantity of organic post-extraction waste materials. The company is interested to use these post- extraction waste materials as biochar to crop land to address the global climate change issue.

Monitoring of community wastewater for early signalling the spread of COVID-19 in Chennai City

January 6, 2020
| Water

The main objectives of this project are to: (1) Track the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the wastewater in order to have information on the community viral load. This should serve as an early warning system for health surveillance. (2) Check the spread from WWTPs (waste-water treatment plants) and direct discharge points, map the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in two locations downstream of Buckingham Canal which meets the Cooum River.

A stakeholder forum for key actors in the electricity distribution sector (Phase-2)

January 5, 2020
| Electricity & Fuels

The focus of the project is to bring public and private power distribution companies on a single platform to share business best practices and raise the contemporary challenges towards enabling distribution reforms.

Strengthening localized advocacy for accelerating corporate action in India

January 3, 2020
| Climate

The project aims to strengthen Indian climate policy through increased localised corporate advocacy that leverages and further supports the work of partners accelerating corporate action in India.

Urban living lab on sustainable and smart cities in India

January 1, 2020
| Transport

The project aims to contribute towards the transformation in cities towards sustainable and liveable smart cities in India. The main change that will need to take place is integration of global sustainable solutions in Indian smart cities. The most important drivers for this change are the cities and their respective partners. The task is to establish an urban living lab in Panaji, Goa.

Conducting third party evaluation of NERTPS schemes on silk sector and apparel and garmenting units

December 31, 2019

The objectives of this project are to review the degree of impact on the beneficiaries in terms of income, employment generation, economic improvement, socio economic upliftment, evaluation of the present status of the project, effectiveness of the present monitoring mechanism, suggestions for improvement, analyze the project deliverance, milestones achieved, etc. under the sericulture projects.

The Impact of Per Drop More Crop component of PMKSY on coverage of area under MI, incentivisation of suitable Crop Pattern, crop productivity, cost savings and water use efficiency

December 24, 2019

The objectives of this project are to: (1) Increase the area under micro irrigation technologies to enhance water use efficiency in the country; (2) Increase productivity of crops and income of farmers through precision water management; (3) Promote micro irrigation technologies in water intensive consuming crops like sugarcane, banana, cotton etc.

Floating solar PV mapping in India

December 23, 2019
| Renewable Energy

The primary objective of this assignment is to showcase the potential of Floating Solar PV (FSPV) by conducting a mapping exercise to identify the promising sites. Each of these sites is also attached to various relevant parameters such as depth, solar insolation, reservoir area, etc. that will provide the additional information to users and would help in the decision-making process.

SHEETAL: Alliance for Sustainable Habitat, Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort for All

December 1, 2019
| Climate

When trying to mitigate climate change, winning slowly is the same as loosing. Quick action should be our new mantra. The world needs to close the emissions gap with a Rapid Mitigation Action Plan that can deliver fast temperature abatement in the short term while contributing to the long-term goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Supporting Enhancement in India's NDC Ambition

December 1, 2019
| Climate

Strengthening India's NDC will require showing that further ambition is possible in sectors that are currently at the core of India's policy strategy (power), as well as expanding the NDC to new sectors currently not covered by the NDC (transport, industry). Strengthening India's NDC will also require establishing stronger analytical and policy links between India's development and sustainability agendas, particularly in crucial sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, and urban development.