Webinars Series on Mainstreaming Urban Climate Action

01 Nov 2019

TERI, in collaboration with International Urban Cooperation (a programme supported by the European Union), proposes the design and delivery of a capacity building programme on ‘Mainstreaming Urban Climate Action’. The programme will include a webinars series that focus on building the capacity and knowledge of practitioners in urban local bodies (ULBs), early career researchers, and university students.

Climate impact cities

The webinars series would consist of topics that will address climate change impacts in cities, as well as focus on understanding the importance of context-specific adaptation and mitigation interventions towards informed decision-making for climate change. Considering climate change impacts are increasingly manifesting themselves through weather deviations and extreme events, accounting for emissions of cities along with adaptation strategies are now extremely relevant.

Webinar topics:

  • Impact of Climate Change on Cities
  • Frameworks for Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation
  • Global Practices of Climate Action in Cities
  • Mainstreaming City-level Climate Action in India

We need to scale up efforts for awareness generation and capacity building to incorporate city-level climate action in the academic curricula as well as professional skills training, focusing on both adaptation and mitigation, for informed decision-making and climate-smart governance.

Key objectives of the webinar series:

  • Inform the target audience on the existing assessment frameworks for climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Empower the target audience to address challenges in the city, and gain an understanding of the application of climate change knowledge in policy, decision-making and governance
  • Provide a platform for dialogue on mainstreaming climate action at the city level
  • Sensitize and build awareness on climate change, issues and impacts, and the importance of adaptation and mitigation interventions

The discussions among ULB officials and urban planning professionals will revolve around:

  • Establishing an easily accessible and open source knowledge repository on city-level climate action beneficial for stakeholders
  • Providing an interactive and collaborative platform for participants/viewers to jointly identify and discuss climate change issues and challenges in cities.
  • Offering directions to participants/viewers for implementing and adopting effective climate change and mitigation strategies in the future.
  • Generating awareness and sensitization amongst urban practitioners and providing participants/viewers with an opportunity to hone decision-making and urban policy-making skills.
  • Encouraging knowledge-sharing and peer-learning that will enhance skills, expertise and competencies in tackling context-specific issues.

Contact Us

Ms Adishree Panda
Research Associate
Centre for Urban Planning and Governance
Transport & Urban Governance
Email: adishree.panda@teri.res.in

Mr Janmejay Sahoo
Research Associate
Centre for Urban Planning and Governance
Transport & Urban Governance
Email: janmejay.sahoo@teri.res.in

Dr Panagiotis Karamanos
Team Leader
International Urban Cooperation (IUC) India
Email: karamanosp1@gmail.com

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Urban resilience
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