Webinar Module II on Frameworks for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Cities

17 Sep 2020 17 Sep 2020
Ms Adishree Panda, Mr Janmejay Sahoo

TERI, in collaboration with the European Union International Urban Cooperation programme, is delivering a capacity building programme on 'Mainstreaming Urban Climate Action'. The programme includes four short webinar modules focusing on building the capacity and knowledge of practitioners in urban local bodies (ULBs), state representatives, policy experts, researchers, scholars, and university students.

This Webinar Module II on 'Frameworks for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Cities' is the second of the series and focuses on the strategies and frameworks for Mitigation and Adaptation that can be incorporated in urban climate action plans to address climate change impacts. In addition to delving into these strategies, the global and national context of the evolution of climate change policies and contexts that contributed to the development of such frameworks will be discussed.

The Webinar is accompanied by a resource module and an informative video which will be available to the participants.

On 17th September 2020, 03:00 PM - 03:30 PM IST

Key objectives of Webinar Module II:

  • Inform the target audience on the existing assessment frameworks for climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • Understand several terminologies and concepts related to mitigation and adaptation, and the importance of such interventions.
  • Empower the target audience to prepare a climate action plan which includes integration of technical analyses, policy evaluations and stakeholder consultations.

The benefits of Webinar Module II are:

  • Providing an interactive and collaborative platform for participants/viewers to jointly identify and discuss climate change policies and international assessment frameworks.
  • Offering directions to participants/viewers for implementing and adopting effective climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in the future.
  • Generating awareness and sensitization amongst urban practitioners and providing participants/viewers with an opportunity to hone decision-making skills for preparation of city-level climate action plans.

Mainstreaming climate action

Contact Details

Ms Adishree Panda
Research Associate
Centre for Urban Planning and Governance
Transport & Urban Governance
Email: adishree.panda@teri.res.in

Mr Janmejay Sahoo
Research Associate
Centre for Urban Planning and Governance
Transport & Urban Governance
Email: janmejay.sahoo@teri.res.in

Dr Panagiotis Karamanos
Team Leader
International Urban Cooperation (IUC) India
Email: karamanosp1@gmail.com

Climate change
Sustainable cities
Urban resilience
Climate adaptation

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