Webinar on "Climate Responsive Design Strategies" under Training and Knowledge Workshop series on Sustainable Buildings

29 Jul 2020 30 Jul 2020
Mr R Kumar

TERI brings out a series of webinars especially designed to create capacities of professionals and students, and to equip them to undertake sustainable and green development.

Knowledge series

Our certificate courses are specifically put together to strengthen skills and develop concepts related to energy and resource efficient building design.

Each webinar contains:

  • Detailed demonstration of software-based tools and empirical calculations to help you understand the impact of each design decision and to pave your way towards robust sustainable design
  • Stimulating exercises of 30-minutes to help you grasp and apply the knowledge acquired from each session
  • Quick quizzes to build concentration and synergy
  • Multiple Q&A Sessions for immediate resolution of doubts and queries

The series offers a wide range of topics that take you step by step through the process of integrating sustainability in the built environment.

Climate Responsive Design Strategies

It is the first webinar in the series being conducted on 29th and 30th July 2020. The webinar contains training on - designing as per the climate, with various examples of climate responsive buildings and climate assessment methods. The tools included in the training will help the designer take well informed decisions during the conceptual stage of design. During two days, the webinar allows enough time for all to grasp and review the course content.

Course Structure

  • PART I:

    • Understanding Climate and Climatic Zones (30 minutes)
      Introduction to climate, different climate variables and their importance, and interpretation of detailed climate data. An overview of climatic zones around the world.
    • Climatic Zones of India (20 minutes)
      Detailed understanding of Indian climatic zones and their characteristics, with examples.
  • PART II:

    • Response to Climate through Design (40 minutes)
      Insights into the different design strategies applicable to different climatic zones.
    • Climate Responsive Tools (90 minutes)
      An understanding of climate responsive tools and their application in early design stages.

Participants receive

  • Complete course material including tool templates, exercises and access to webinar recordings to assist in completing the exercises
  • Post-programme support on queries and exercises
  • Digital Certificate on Successful Completion of the Training and Exercises

Who should participate?

Architects, MEP Engineers, Contractors, PMC Consultants, PHE Engineers, Civil engineers, Structural Engineers, Technical Heads, Researchers, Academicians, Graduate Students, Government Officers, ULB officials etc.

Registration Fees

INR 1500 (inclusive of GST)
**(Early bird registration fee - INR 1000 till 24th July 2020)

About TERI's Building Science Training Centre in Bengaluru

For more than two decades, the Sustainable Habitat Division in TERI has been involved in carrying out Research and Facilitation of Sustainable Construction and Green Buildings in India. The knowledge obtained through Research and Consultancy is disseminated through training programs to building industry stakeholders for enhancing their capacities to achieve sustainable construction in the country.