Touring Goa's precious wetlands

07 Mar 2018

The knowledge hub will re-acquaint visitors with coastal ecosystems and the environment

It takes a village – Surat’s united effort to embrace solar power

07 Mar 2018

Leaders, students and residents came together for a project by TERI and Surat Municipal Corporation to popularise rooftop solar power in Surat Smart City

India has set for itself the goal of generating 175 gigawatts (GW) through renewable energy by 2022, of which around 100 GW has to come from solar power. This goal has been further broken down region and state-wise targets.

A People’s Biodiversity Register of Village Ghukhuyi, Zünheboto, Nagaland

06 Mar 2018

With a forest cover of 171964 sq km, the north-eastern part of India harbours a significant portion of the country's floral and faunal bounty - nearly 13,500 plant, 430 mammal and 1277 bird species, many of which are endemic to the region.

Paddy Residue Burning: Drivers, Challenges and Potential Solutions

05 Mar 2018

Paddy residue burning has been viewed mainly as a challenge of residue management. Its mismanagement in the states of Punjab and Haryana has led to annual winter smog and health problems in Delhi and other places in North India.

The Noxious Fumes of Fuel

03 Mar 2018

If you manage to break away from the maddening Delhi traffic for a fuel-refill, don't heave the sigh of relief. In fact, if possible, don’t breathe at all! That is what was revealed when TERI assessed air pollutants at 40 fuel refilling stations or 'petrol pumps' in Delhi.

Know, grow and fortify daily food at your own premises

03 Mar 2018

Against severe malnutrition in Maharashtra, TERI's model is making communities "food and nutrition sufficient" using local resources

Highways to hell: The saga of unsafe Indian roads

03 Mar 2018

With the growing number of vehicles and increase in road lengths, Indian roads are spattered with blood as accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities have been mounting over the past twenty years.

Urban Farming: The Navi Mumbai Eco-City project

03 Mar 2018

Eco–city broadly means a human settlement modelled on the self–sustaining structure and functioning of natural ecosystems. It is developed on the lines of integrated urban planning and management programmes addressing social and ecological health of the city.

Making our cities smart and resilient

03 Mar 2018

As of Census 2011, there are 7,935 towns, 475 Urban Agglomerations (UA) and 981 outgrowths in the country. There are 468 Class- I UA/Towns that have a population of more than 100,000 residents and 53 UA/Towns housing a population of one million or above. Among the million-plus UA/Cities, there are three ‘Megacities’ with more than 10 million population (Census, 2011).

Towards Sustainable Irrigation

03 Mar 2018

Agriculture is one of the major sources of livelihood for Indian farmers and contributes to the country’s GDP by 30% which is enormous this year.