Latest air quality report for Maharashtra suggests positive trend

07 Jun 2019

65% of the daily air quality observations for the state fell under the 'Good' and 'Satisfactory' categories in 2018-19

Coalition of industries and countries needed to decarbonise high-emission industry sectors

03 Jun 2019

Coalition of industries and countries are required to decarbonise high-emission industry sectors. We need to move outside the electricity box. Read Dr Ajay Mathur's speech on the next steps needed for energy transitions, delivered earlier in China

A new kind of chicken feed can help poultry farm owners boost nutrition and livelihood

30 May 2019 | Ms Monalisa Mukherjee

TERI develops feed from locally sourced ingredients such as Azolla, drumstick leaves and egg shells

Build confidence among users towards safety of treated waste water

29 May 2019

Delhi survey suggests willingness of consumers for non potable uses of treated wastewater

Rooftop Solar: Consumer demand aggregation is the way to go

14 May 2019

Solar rooftop systems for consumers in Surat and New Delhi have helped in reducing electricity bills as well as achieving India’s renewable energy goals.

A biomass-solar combination for cold storage of farm produce

09 May 2019

A novel way of utlising biomass and solar power to create cold storage facility in rural areas

Kiribati - The Land of No Tomorrow?

09 May 2019 | Ms Namrata Gulati Sapra

The 33 islands of Kiribati are extremely shallow; the highest point on many of the islands such as South Tarawa is just a couple of metres above sea level. Rising ocean waters are threatening to shrink Kiribati's land area and displace its people long before the islands are submerged. However, there is silver lining in the form of the visionary Kiribati Adaption Program of the World Bank and judicious help from New Zealand and Australia.

Solar rooftops spell savings for power distribution companies

08 May 2019 | Mr Rishabh Sethi

Rooftop solar PV systems benefit power distribution companies by reducing their technical, financial and operational burden

What does a growing economy consume? Breaking down India's resource appetite

08 May 2019

This blog series shall explore India's current material use and resource efficiency potential across various sectors

A green agenda: Converting waste to wealth

02 May 2019

A key issue in management of urban waste streams is to generate reliable data on waste inventory.