Ongoing Projects

National assessment on plastic waste management in Indian cities

May 20, 2020
| Waste

The assignment’s objectives are to: i) Conduct a comprehensive, empirical data-based analytical assessment of the mismanaged plastic waste problem, as part of municipal solid waste, in Indian cities; ii) Review of existing national level policies and regulations across the plastics value chain-starting from manufacturing, plastic waste generation, recycling/treatment and quantum of mismanaged plastics that ends up in dumpsites or as part of marine litter, in India; and

Development of technologies for measuring and maintaining ecosystem services from forests

May 8, 2020
| Forest & Biodiversity

The project is aimed at development of technologies for measuring and maintaining ecosystem services from forests. In view of paucity of such studies, economic valuation of forest ecosystem services will be useful. The main objectives of the study are to: (i) estimate the use and non-use values of ecosystem services provided by the wildlife sanctuary; and (ii) identify the measures for maintaining and enhancing the ecosystem services.  

Strategic Partnerships for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPIPA)

May 6, 2020

The primary aim of the project promoted by the grant is to support EU-India collaboration on the development of modelling capacities to improve the quality of modelling tools, and integrated modelling analysis frameworks in India. This overall objective is defined by the following benchmarks: Improving the knowledge of how climate modelling action in India relates to global and subnational low carbon development pathways, as well as to selected co-benefits of trade-offs of climate policy.

Liquid waste management of COVID19 detection lab of North East

May 5, 2020
| Waste

Thermo Fisher Scientific has initiated the establishment of COVID 19 testing facilities in hospitals of North-eastern states. The role of TERI would be to: (1) Customized design and fabrication of biomedical effluent disinfection system; (2) Installation and operationalization of disinfection system; (3) Installation of 5 numbers of biomedical effluent disinfection system.

RRR: Reducing health Risks of Rising Temperatures in South Asia

May 1, 2020

Based on secondary meteorological data, a blog post will be developed. This blog will aim to explore the implications of the COVID-19 lockdown and the heat wave witnessed in Delhi, on the different classes of the population, in terms of their electricity consumption and their abilities to cope, during the summer of 2020.

Developing a carbon neutral resource efficient strategy for Ladakh UT

April 21, 2020

The overall objective of the project is to develop a climate resilient and resource efficient green development strategy for Ladakh. A strategy which supports and balances economic growth and social inclusiveness and preserves the rich ecological diversity of the region.

Traditional agriculture for sustainable development: a Satoyama approach

April 11, 2020
| Forest & Biodiversity

Appropriate land-use is the key not only to biodiversity conservation but also to sustainable development. Diverse crops were traditionally cultivated in India, which has been greatly simplified after the Green Revolution. The project aims to document traditional agricultural practices and clarify their scientific underpinning to have the wisdom benefit sustainable development for the coming generations. Sustainability is enhanced by combining the documentation and re-evaluation of traditional practices with learning from other regions.

Preparation of Environment Status Report 2019-2020 of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation

April 8, 2020
| Environment

The objective of this project is to prepare the Annual Environmental Status Report for 2019-2020 of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. The report will highlight the status of air quality, water resources, land, solid waste management and health-related issues along with its impact and mitigation measures within the city.