Ujjwala achieves target of 8 cr LPG connections but a lot remains undone

16 Oct 2019

Providing LPG is necessary but not sufficient. The government needs to adopt supplementary measures to incentivize higher utilization of LPG to succeed in its objective of providing clean fuel.

Does access to energy cause human development ? A Granger causality check

11 Dec 2018

Not many have looked into the causality between the percentage of a country’s population with energy access and the corresponding rise in its human development score

Boosting consumer confidence in solar lighting with a million+ solar LEDs

23 Oct 2018

Much before urban India, the country's rural population had endorsed LED-based solar lighting. Initiatives such as LaBL share the credit of boosting consumer confidence in such products.

Transcending the challenges: Provisioning universal access to electricity

17 Sep 2018

Bridging the electricity access gap has necessitated innovation in terms of product design, business models, service delivery systems, tariffs, financial instruments, and capacity building strategies

The women of Ujjwala

03 Aug 2018 | Ms Kavya Bajaj

Evaluating the Ujjwala scheme through the lens of women empowerment and gender equality

Distributed renewable energy transforms women’s lives in rural Bihar

25 Jul 2018

TERI-JEEViKA create market for clean energy access at the bottom of the pyramid; light up 50,000 households through self-help groups in Bihar

Clean cooking in India: Will methanol cookstoves work?

11 Jul 2018

Factors like access are important while considering clean cooking fuels for the masses

Can the technology behind Bitcoin aid transition to renewable energy?

18 May 2018

In the transition to renewable energy, blockchain technology can enable decentralised energy distribution, monitoring and trading

Clean cooking challenges in rural India

09 Apr 2018

Complete penetration of clean cooking fuel and cookstoves in rural India requires a multi-pronged approach

Lighting and providing cooking solutions to a billion lives

08 Mar 2018

The National UJALA Dashboard of the Government of India recently reached a milestone of disseminating over 270 million LED bulbs, thereby saving 35,008 mn kWh of electrical energy and affecting CO2 reductions of 28,356,232 tons per year (Source: National DELP Dashboard as of October 16, 2017).