Plant root microbes that help reduce chemical fertilisers and boost agriculture production

07 May 2020

Mycorrhizae is a symbiotic relationship between plant roots and fungi. Mycorrhizae technology developed by TERI has shown 50% reduction in usage of chemical fertilisers in crops such as wheat and maize.

Microbes script a success story in treating pharmaceutical waste

26 Aug 2019

TERI's Oilzapper technology uses naturally occurring microorganisms to transform hydrocarbon contaminants in soil to non-toxic compounds

Tackling oil spill pollution with bioremedies

20 Jun 2019

Biological methods have been acknowledged as an eco-friendly remediation for an environment contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons

Drying up antimicrobial resistance with innovative wastewater treatment

07 Mar 2019

Studies show that 90 per cent of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plants release pharmaceutical residues into soil and water, providing ideal breeding grounds for drug-resistant bacteria

Improving soil microorganisms for sturdier tea cultivation, come drought or flood

20 Dec 2018

TERI is working in Assam to reengineer plant root-associated microbes to make tea cultivation more resistant to biotic and abiotic challenges

Producing hydrogen from agriculture waste - the microbial way

29 Oct 2018

Intensive research explorations are being carried out at TERI for hydrogen production from agri-residue woody biomass

Methane-generating microbe to help power India

03 Mar 2018

TERI is a pioneer in microbial stimulated coal bed methane can increase the longevity and productivity of the coal bed methane fields. Coalbed methane stimulated by microbes can increase the longevity and productivity of the fields. TERI in partnership with OEC is continuing with various field experiments to enhance the gas production from different coalbed methane wells.

Producing hydrogen the biological way

03 Mar 2018

Energy plays a key role in socio-economic development of a nation and thus energy strategy of a nation targets at energy security as well as on energy efficiency. Current global energy demand is relying mostly on fossil fuels.

Slick Solution: Get eco-friendly microbes to chew oil-spills

03 Mar 2018

Our environment is being threatened by nearly every step we take in the direction of growth and development for betterment. Since our realization of the same, we have started taking the necessary steps to ensure we clean up the environment or at least attempt to do so.