Venu Kutir (Bamboo Cottage): A sustainable Green Building Model by GRIHA

On the side-lines of the GRIHA Summit 2019, GRIHA Council is exhibiting a cosy and comfortable living space made of bamboo at the India Habitat Centre. The bespoke structure aptly titled "Venu Kutir" is a 240-sqft cottage that has been inspired by the form of a bird's nest. Bamboo is a miracle crop — it regenerates itself, its shoots are edible, and now it is being used to build high-end houses. Imagine if bamboo is used to build low-cost, affordable houses as a part of the housing for all, it would be a game-changer. It can help everybody, not just farmers.

The use of steel, concrete, aluminium and glass in construction ends up negatively impacting the atmosphere through the release of GHGs during its production as well as construction. In contrast, bamboo emits oxygen during its production and selected species of Indian bamboo sequesters up to 200 MT of carbon dioxide per hectare per year. Hence, bamboo is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials to build a structure with a negative carbon impact, and it can become the go-to material for sustainability.

The bamboo is suitable for use in different building applications such as resorts, institutions, banquets, pavilions, clubhouse, farm houses, landscape elements, schools, community centres, exhibit areas, etc.

GRIHA Council

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