Concentrating Solar Power Plants with Storage: Deployment Essential Now

08 Feb 2024

India’s continued commitment to achieving the clean energy transition is well recognized worldwide. At COP26, India announced the highly ambitious goal of decarbonizing energy to 50% and achieving 500 GW of fossil fuel-free generating capacity by 2030.

In the TERI’s discussion paper titled “Roadmap to India’s 2030 Decarbonization target”, the creation of 500 GW non-fossil fuel capacity by 2030 was found to be feasible though challenging. The paper articulated that for achievement of India’s 2030 targets announced at COP26, there is a need for creation of large storage projects, including setting up concentrated solar power (CSP plants with storage).

The paper spelt out that concentrated solar power (CSP) plant can deliver power on demand, making it an attractive renewable energy storage technology, and concluded that various measures would be required to develop CSP in the country in order to reach the ambitious target of 500 GW by 2030.

The report ‘’Concentrated solar power (CSP) plants with storage: Deployment essential now’’ provides a roadmap for actions required to be taken for developing CSPs in the country.

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