Discussion Paper

Challenges and opportunities - plastic waste management In India With MOEFCC and UNEP, TERI releases discussion paper on the state of plastic waste management in India.

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Policy Brief

Understanding vulnerabilities using a hotspot approach Study shows higher temperature increase in India's mountains affects agriculture, water resources and the millions of people living in the mountains and its foothills

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Consumer is king in ensuring resource efficiency in India A panel discussion on Enabling Ecosystem for Sustainable Choices and Consumer Engagement

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Karnataka adopts new approach to enhance impact of watershed programme

| June 14, 2019

The Land Resource Inventory developed under Sujala-3 empowers farmers with site-specific information to boost farm incomes

Indian industries voice support for creation of coalitions to affect long-term sustainable growth

| June 11, 2019

Highlights from the Indian Industry Coalition Workshop

Latest air quality report for Maharashtra suggests positive trend

| June 7, 2019

65% of the daily air quality observations for the state fell under the 'Good' and 'Satisfactory' categories in 2018-19

CSR, Governance Framework and Expenditure Pattern in Indian Context: Are we Heading in the Right Direction Post Companies Act 2013?

Research Paper
| June 4, 2019

The idea of corporate social responsibility is neither new nor radical. The core principle that the corporation has responsibilities to society beyond profit maximization objectives has long historical roots. The paper discusses various definitions and concepts on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based on various research articles, papers and books. The paper also discusses the Governance aspects related to CSR and the expenditure pattern of CSR funds post Companies Act 2013. Both qualitative and quantitative methods have been followed in this paper.

Coalition of industries and countries needed to decarbonise high-emission industry sectors

| June 3, 2019

Ajay Mathur speaks at the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development

Journal of Resources, Energy, and Development

Research Paper
| May 31, 2019

Land Acquisition Law, 2013 tries to do justice to affected project families, but much needs to be done This volume of the Journal of Resources, Energy, and Development is devoted to reviewing the implementation issues surrounding The New Land Acquisition Law, 2013 and to examine whether the objectives of the law are being met. The six articles in this issue analyse various aspects of land acquisition - displacement, gender issues, provisions of the new law, tribal community issues, and social impact assessment as provisioned under the new law.

A new kind of chicken feed can help poultry farm owners boost nutrition and livelihood

| May 30, 2019

TERI develops feed from locally sourced ingredients such as Azolla, drumstick leaves and egg shells

Bulk procurement in room air conditioning: A critical analysis of the EESL programme

Policy brief
| May 30, 2019

Bulk-procurement programmes can help the next generation energy efficient technologies penetrate the market by aggregating demand for the technology and establishing a demand market for participating manufacturers, thereby leading to rapid reduction in prices.

Build confidence among users towards safety of treated waste water

| May 29, 2019

Delhi survey suggests willingness of consumers for non potable uses of treated wastewater

Rooftop Solar: Consumer demand aggregation is the way to go

| May 14, 2019

Solar rooftop systems for consumers in Surat and New Delhi have helped in reducing electricity bills as well as achieving India’s renewable energy goals.