Tools and Techniques for Green Building Professionals - New Development in GRIHA rating systems (GRIHA 2019 and EB)

27 Oct 2020 28 Oct 2020
Mr Deepak Singh Rana

Sustainable Habitat Programme, TERI, is proud to present an Online Certification Course on "Tools and Techniques for Green Building Professionals - New Development in GRIHA rating systems (GRIHA 2019 and EB)" on 27th & 28th October 2020.

GRIHA Rating Training

It would be appropriate to mention that we introduced the online course on "Introduction to Green Building Profession - Skill Training & Management" and conducted two iterations of it. The same was very well received and appreciated by the participants, consisting of students, young professionals (including architects, engineers, and technical consultants) from different parts of the country.

The certification course is divided into 4 modules spanning over 2 days. The details for 4 modules are as follows:-

Module-1: What's new in GRIHA v.2019

The first session of the training programme will cover the criterion wise overview of GRIHA v.2019 and deliver comparison with GRIHA v.2015. This session will focus on the improved parameters in GRIHA v.2019 for an array of building typologies such as green infrastructure, life cycle assessment, life cycle cost analysis, materials for external site development, water self-sufficiency, and systems commissioning.

Module-2: GRIHA Existing buildings 2018

The second module will acquaint the participants to assess the performance of existing buildings and provide sustainable solutions whilst augmenting the indoor comfort of the occupants through GRIHA for Existing Building.

Module-3: Introduction to Software tools/calculators required for GRIHA analysis

In the third module, we discuss the building energy simulation software/GRIHA tools and calculators that help us achieving the sustainability requirement of GRIHA

Module-4: Water Management in Buildings

This session will focus on both demand and supply-related approaches to help buildings achieve water self-sufficiency with adequate water quality emphasizing on rainwater management and wastewater treatment strategies. It will introduce TERI Advanced Oxidation Technology (TADOX) as a promising Decentralized Wastewater Treatment (DWWT) Technology to achieve Net Zero Water building and enhance water reuse efficiency.

Our Team would be delighted to share the insights from the course with the participants regarding the green building industry.

We implore you to benefit from this learning opportunity that is being offered by TERI. For students, the registration fee is INR 2999/- flat, and for professionals, it is INR 3499/-. Professionals may avail a group discount (applicable for 5 or more participants), by writing to us at

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