Introduction to Green Building Profession - Skill Training and Management (February Edition)

11 Feb 2021 12 Feb 2021
Mr Deepak Singh Rana

Sustainable Habitat Programme at TERI is proud to present "Introduction to Green Building Profession: Skill Training & Management (February Edition)". We envisage it to be the first step to becoming a green building professional, for final year students, fresh graduates and young professionals seeking to understand the green building industry better.

Sustainable buildings

Following topics would be covered during the training programme:

MODULE 1: Introduction to Green Building Design Principles

The first module discusses the prima facie of the concept of sustainability, common myths and misconceptions around it. What makes buildings sustainable becomes the question of center stage here and we try to explore what are the basic principles that drive the course in design into making buildings sustainable.

MODULE 2: Metrics of Sustainability

In the second module, we understand the common metrics of sustainability and the important role they play around ensuring design efficiency. We’ll also discuss the different roles of various stakeholders of society in achieving sustainability of the habitat.

MODULE 3: Role of Green Building Professionals

Coming to the third module, we understand the nature of the profession, what is it exactly that requires to be done. We also discuss common environmental issues and problems that get addressed by green building professionals by innovative solutions on an everyday basis.

MODULE 4: Sustainability Assessment Tools

In the fourth and final module, we discuss the concept of green building certification and few concepts and simulation programs that help us determine the efficiency of performance of the systems.