TERI survey: Would you buy an Electric Vehicle?

08 Jun 2020 03 Jul 2020
Mr Parmeet Singh

The survey aims to understand factors influencing the purchase of Electric Vehicles (EVs) by consumers.


Electric vehicles (EVs) continue to increase their share in passenger vehicle markets worldwide, however modest that share may be. Most current EV markets remain in nascent stages, with buyers being categorised as early adopters or pioneers. However, if EVs are to successfully realise their potential in contributing to decarbonisation of transportation and improving air quality, they would need to be the consumer’s first choice for reasons other than environmental benefits only.

To understand the consumer perception and behaviour towards EVs, TERI is conducting a survey to directly understand what the consumer wants. Taking the survey, ‘Factors influencing the purchase of Electric Vehicles’, would help us understand key factors affecting EV purchasing decisions.

Take our survey here.

We also encourage you to share the survey link with your colleagues/friends to make the exercise more robust.

Contact Details

Mr Parmeet Singh
Research Associate
Electricity & Fuels Group
Electricity & Fuels Division
Email: parmeet.singh@teri.res.in

Electric vehicle promotion
Electric vehicles

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