Sustainable Architecture for tomorrow's India

India is set to urbanize rapidly in the next few decades. But are we building our cities in manners that are sustainable or our building practices rooted in outdated and obsolete ideas, which can and will result in severe resource and energy shortages in the country.

The film, 'Sustainable Architecture for Tomorrow's India' speaks with one of India's pioneering green architects, Sanjay Prakash who demonstrates some simple, 'do-able' practices that can be followed by anyone planning to build. In his own work, he has shown that concepts of sustainable building can be used in all kinds of buildings - homes, corporate offices, institutional and cultural spaces and even in luxury hotels.

Sanjay's work shows that going green is not about expensive methods, or hostile-sounding terms. Instead, it's about intelligent and conscious planning that takes into account the challenges of the future.

The film is produced under the series called "The Future We Want" which tells stories about individuals and communities in urban India who are demonstrating alternate ways of living and showing us the path towards a clean and sustainable future.

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