The Cycle of Life

Dr. Vinita Jain is a dentist, but runs a children’s cycling group called 'Eagles'. Her main motive– "I want to introduce cycling to these kids as a means of transport, because we all talk about changing things, we don’t want to be the change, we don’t want to change the thing. We have to reduce our carbon footprints."

Sanjeev Chhabra, an architect uses a combination of cycling and metro every day from his home in Gurgaon to Okhla in New Delhi, a distance covered in 1.5 hours using this mode. He braves the smog, and the traffic as it is still the fastest way for him to get to office.

The film 'Cycle to life' looks at cycling in New Delhi – one of the most polluted cities in the world, through motivations of individuals who are trying to make a difference.

The film is produced under the series called "The Future We Want" which tells stories about individuals and communities in urban India who are demonstrating alternate ways of living and showing us the path towards a clean and sustainable future.

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