Urja Arpan

18 Oct 2023
Tata Power-Delhi Distribution

Urja Arpan is an initiative Tata Power-Delhi Distribution Ltd. launched to promote responsible and optimal electricity consumption. The initiative aims to encourage individuals and organizations to adopt energy-efficient products and services and to inspire citizens to practice a sustainable lifestyle for a greener future.

The main focus of Urja Arpan is to raise awareness about the importance of energy conservation and its impact on the environment. By advocating for energy-efficient practices and products, the initiative aims to reduce energy wastage and promote a more sustainable approach to electricity consumption. The initiative recognizes the urgent need to address climate change and global warming. Urja Arpan serves as a vital step towards sustainable development, aiming to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change by promoting energy efficiency and encouraging greener practices.

Urja Arpan seeks to empower individuals and organizations to make informed choices about their energy consumption through various outreach programs, education campaigns, and partnerships with stakeholders. By embracing energy-efficient technologies and adopting sustainable habits, citizens can contribute to building a cleaner and greener environment.

SCS area of TERI plays a significant role as the knowledge partner in the Urja Arpan initiative. Their involvement includes focuses on knowledge creation, curriculum development, and mobilization of individuals and communities towards sustainable practices. TERI's expertise enables them to create educational material that instills a behavioral shift among students and other participants.

SCS area also contributes to Urja Arpan by providing an opportunity for youth to apply their learnings to real-world scenarios, allowing them to identify problems and work towards preventing their recurrence. It raises awareness about climate change issues caused by excessive energy consumption and mobilizes people through social media to encourage their active participation in energy conservation efforts.

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