Stabilization and upgradation of biomass derived bio-oils over tailored multifunctional catalysts in a dual stage catalytic process to produce liquid hydrocarbon fuels and Its application studies

11 Sep 2013

The high oxygen content, acidity and immiscibility with petroleum fuels hinders large-scale applicability of bio-oil obtained via pyrolysis of biomass. This project proposes to develop a technology for Catalytic Two-Stage Stabilization and Upgradation of Bio-oil for enhanced stability and potential applications as fuels. The first stage in the proposed work aims decreasing oxygen content and acidity for better stability of bio-oil. This is particularly beneficial for decentralized application, which may require storage of bio-oil over long periods of time prior to transportation to appropriate sites of use. The stable bio-oil will be tested for both heating application in burner and engine application for electricity generation. The second stage is to establish the feasibility of conversion of stable bio-oil into hydrocarbon mixtures that can be blended with conventional crude for refinery applications to produce transportation fuels. The work will also entail the methodology for complete physico-chemical characterization and upgrading of bio-oil for its use as alternate transport fuel.
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