Local Air Quality Management Plan (LAMP)

18 Oct 2023

The air pollution effect is perennial to the local vendors who are present near the monument and are impacted due to the outdoor air pollution near the monument. Thus, apart from the initiatives to curb air pollution, it is also essential to create awareness about the issue amongst the people whose existence depends on the monuments. Thus, an awareness drive along with the EDF to sensitize these people about the issue, its impacts and individual initiatives that can help in reducing the health impacts and subsequently the impact of air pollution on the monument.

SCS area at TERI proposes to develop a series of monument-specific Informational Communication Educational material in simplified local languages to create awareness on the subject. Also, the local vendors will be involved through interactive sessions with experts (with the help of municipal and archaeological departments) to build their capacity and help in addressing the myths related to the subject.

Target group


Nearby residents

Vendors – local, street, nearby marketplaces

Monument staff



Related departments – municipal, archaeological, horticulture, etc.

Location – Patna, Indore, Dewas

Key activities

1. To understand the public perception –a survey will be conducted across the target groups to understand their level of understanding and perception about the impact of air pollution on the health of the individual and the monument.

2. To identify the gaps in the understanding and the current scenario

3. Communication approach

Promote - to increase awareness and help in building an understanding of air pollution's impact on the monuments/ buildings through reliable sources for information. This will involve the development of creative innovative informational material in simplified local languages.

Engage - Utilize and create avenues to encourage stakeholders (vendors and people whose lives are dependent on the monument/ buildings) to support and increase impact. This will include stakeholder engagement through on-ground activities and media/ social media engagements.

Protect - Create a positive environment to combat air pollution and create pro- environment behaviour.

Acid rain
Air pollution
Air pollution control
Air quality
Disease burden
Environment education
Greenhouse gas emissions