Guiding Framework for India's Long-Term Strategy (LTS)

01 May 2020

As a step ahead in India’s climate discourse, what lies next is the development and enabling of a long-term strategy to drive enhanced climate action. As a first step in this direction, TERI has developed a guiding document on framing India’s Long-Term Strategy (LTS).

The framework encapsulates the urgent need and benefit of developing an LTS, other than the voluntary commitment under Article 4.19 of the Paris Agreement. With this backdrop, it charts out the most essential pillars that will enable the development and implementation of a strong long-term strategy, the interdependencies in their roles, and key decisions to be taken under each pillar.

Unprecedented times, such as the pandemic which has deeply impacted the global economy, compel policy makers to strengthen climate action. The LTS at this stage will go beyond climate action to synergize it with economic growth, social well-being and sustainable development. This guiding framework has been developed to address mitigation challenges, while adaptation and resilience will be addressed in subsequent framing documents.

We would like to thank all the panelists and the participants for enriching discussions during the webinar organized on 30th April 2020. Find the presentation and the report here.

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