Estimation of the current emission and sequestration, as well as future potential of sequestration/emission reduction to achieve land degradation neutrality in India

11 Feb 2021

  • The policy brief focuses on analyze the emission, status of sequestration, emission reduction as well as the future potential of sequestration of different land use sectors in India.
  • Five land use sectors have been identified for the study viz. forestry (Forests and Tree cover ), animal husbandry, wetlands, mining and agriculture.
  • The total emission from the seven land use sectors in 2020 is estimated to be 1113.03 million tonnes of CO2e, which is projected to increase to 1240.23 million tonnes of CO2e and 1340.87 million tonnes of CO2e till 2030 an 2050 respectively.
  • Forestry sector (48.43%) is the major contributor of emission out of the five sectors, followed by agriculture (24.35%) and animal husbandry (22.33%).
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