Discussion paper on National Inventory Management System (NIMS) in India - Issues, needs and implementation framework

22 Sep 2020

The paper discusses that a centralized National Inventory Management System (NIMS) in India is the need of the hour and its operational contours should be decided as expeditiously as possible. This is needed not only to compute India's emissions from various sources and sinks comprehensively and correctly, but also fulfill India’s international obligations to track the progress in respect of mitigation related commitments such as economy-wide goal to reduce emissions intensity and the sectoral goals as envisaged under India’s NDC. An ideal National Inventory Management System will involve setting up a centralised data reporting and management system that can collect, store, manage and analyse emissions data from public and private sources, including industry and point sources.

Paris agreement
Climate action
Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)
Transparency framework
Policy Makers
Researchers/Post graduates