Discussion Paper : Moving Forward with a World-class Mineral Policy for National Mineral Security

09 Jun 2015

The National Policy 2008 was a significant step in the evolution of India's Mineral Policy based on the experience of the Policy of 1993. The policymakers were fortunate in having at hand the recommendations of the High-level Committee (popularly called the Hoda Committee) which not only analysed the situation in the Indian context, but also looked at the international context and global best practices. The NMP 2008 comprehensively outlines the policy solutions that need to be established to address the challenges that are being faced by the minerals sector in India. These not only include the issue of allocation of mineral resources for exploitation, but also scientific mining, environmental management, community engagement, and sustainable development frameworks for the sector, linkages with Research and Development (R&D) and industry, and issues of resource security in the geopolitical and technological contexts. With natural resources being viewed in the changing global scenario as the key for overall progress of a nation, this paper examines the methods through which the Policy can be leveraged in India's interest for economic growth and sustainable development within the framework of resource security.

Mineral exploration policy
Renewable natural resources
Researchers/Post graduates
Policy Makers