Baseline and quantification of sequestration of 2.5–3 billion tonne of CO2e by 2030

11 Feb 2021

  • The policy brief focuses on analysing gaps and challenges, target setting to achieve the forest carbon sink by 2030 as well as various other issues related to achieving the target such as Forecasting Financial resources, Analyzing the Institutional Framework, Strengthening Agroforestry, Policy interventions, Sustainable Forest Management.
  • 2015 has been suggested to be selected as the baseline year rather than 2005, as many technological and methodological upgradations have taken place in various spheres. Taking 2015 as the baseline year, the target would be 32.12 billion tonnes of CO2e at the additional 2.5 billion tonnes level and the target at the additional 3 billion tonnes level would be 32.62 CO2e billion tonnes.
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