Leveraging advanced digital tools for improving productivity of Railway freight terminals

20 Jul 2023 |
Ms Viral Joshi
Mr Shri Prakash
| The Financial Express

In transport logistics chain efficiency of freight terminals is key to smooth operation says Ms Viral Joshi, Research Associate and Mr Shri Prakash, Distinguished Fellow, Transport & Urban Governance Division, TERI.

Reimagining climate finance

17 Jul 2023 |
| Mr Nitin Desai
| Business Standard

To effectively facilitate a transition to climate-friendly development, global transfers must be tailored to each nation's specific needs says Mr Nitin Desai, Chairman, TERI.

Punjab's crop diversification dilemma

14 Jul 2023 |
Mr Kartikey Sharma
Dr Manish Anand
| The Hindu Business Line

Ecological farming. Cultivating bajra, maize and soyabean must be made economically attractive for Punjab farmers, says Mr Kartikey Sharma, Research Associate and Mr Manish Anand, Senior Fellow, Resource Efficiency and Governance Division, TERI.

Adaptation measures key to robust climate response

13 Jul 2023 |
| Dr Vibha Dhawan, TERI; Dr Deepali Khanna, The Rockefeller Foundation and Dr Shailly Kedia, TERI
| Hindustan Times

The Global Stocktake at COP28 will largely focus on mitigation and emission reduction goals rather than adaptation since the global goals for adaptation, says Dr Vibha Dhawan Director General, TERI; Dr Deepali Khanna Vice President, Asia Regional Office, The Rockefeller Foundation and Dr Shailly Kedia, Senior Fellow and Associate Director, TERI.

The bright side to power storage options

06 Jul 2023 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| The Hindu Business Line

Large-scale grid storage will help manage the renewables-thermal mix better, curbing dependence on the latter, writes Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

Clearing The Air: Combating pollution for a healthier global urban future

29 Jun 2023 |
Mr R Suresh
| Mr Shivang Agarwal
| WION News

The path to significant air pollution reduction is filled with challenges, requiring comprehensive policy reforms, stringent regulations, and active public-private sector collaborations, write Mr Shivang Agarwal, Consultant, TERI and Mr R Suresh, Senior Fellow and Area convener, Air Quality Research Division, TERI.

Transforming urban commute: Growing influence of aggregators in the mobility sector

23 Jun 2023 |
| Ms Akshaya Paul | Ms Viral Joshi
| The Financial Express

For safe and comfortable ride, aggregators provide various features such as real-time tracking, cashless payments, ratings and more says Ms Akshaya Paul and Ms Viral Joshi, Research Associates, Transport and Urban Governance Division, TERI.

A distressing correlation between climate-related shocks and the prevalence of child marriage

22 Jun 2023 |
| Ms Aerica Rishiraj, Research Intern, TERI; Mr Raktimava Bose, TERI and Mr Omar Raad Chowdhury, SANEM
| The Business Standard

Climate change is often discussed in terms of rising sea levels, extreme weather events and threats to food security. But another devastating consequence of our warming planet that often goes overlooked is its impact on child marriages. This is more evident in Bangladesh, which is prone to various natural disasters induced by climate change, write Ms Aerica Rishiraj, Research Intern, TERI; Mr Raktimava Bose, Associate Fellow, Energy Assessment and Modelling Division, TERI and Mr Omar Raad Chowdhury, Research Associate at South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (SANEM), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The visible hand

19 Jun 2023 |
Mr Nitin Desai
| Business Standard

Government intervention is not a suitable way of shaping investment and technology choices says Mr Nitin Desai, Chairman, The Energy and Resources Institute.

Regulatory initiatives for water conservation

15 Jun 2023 |
Dr Syamal Kumar Sarkar
| The Hindu Business Line

Schemes for water conservation must involve consultation with stakeholders, policymakers and water managers says Dr Syamal Kumar Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow, Water Resources Division, TERI.