Roadmap to India’s 2030 Decarbonization Target

27 Jul 2022 27 Jul 2022
India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

On 27th July 2022 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI) released a discussion paper titled “Roadmap to India’s 2030 Decarbonization Target” on 27th July 2022, at India Habitat Centre. The study proposes feasible pathways to achieve the ambitious decarbonization targets which were announced by India at the COP in Glasgow.

The paper is co-authored by Mr. Ajay Shankar, Mr. A.K. Saxena, and Ms. Taruna Idnani from TERI. It emphasizes the criticality of appropriate policies in unlocking the potential of decentralized renewable energy generation.

Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI, and lead author of the paper said, highlighted the suggestions that emerged from the discussion paper. He talked about the need to depart from the process of bidding of solar power plants in the kilo Watt range for villages. Instead, focus on a feed-in tariff which is attractive enough for private investment and approved by the SERC’s.

Mr. A.K. Saxena, Senior Director, noted that while the COP26 targets were ambitious, they can be met through a well-planned roadmap, and the discussion paper, he added, is a step in the direction.

Roadmap to India’s 2030

Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI, emphasised the significance of a roadmap to decarbonisation. She added that the need to adopt new energy storage solutions and technologies will bring stability and flexibility to the grid. So, collaborations for investing in R&D of new technologies is important.

In his special message delivered at the launch, Mr RK Singh, Union Minister for Power and New and Renewable Energy, emphasised India’s commitment to energy transition targets though the country has one of the lowest per capita emissions. Pointing out that India has already started adding storage capacity to renewable energy, he added that the country has come out with one of the largest bids on storage to add volume and thus bring down the price of storage.

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