Panel Session with IPCC Chair and Indian Business Leaders

04 Dec 2023 04 Dec 2023
Climate Live Pavilion, Blue Zone

The Sixth Assessment Report (AR 6) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change mirrors climate realities for India. Even though the assessments are global in scale, it has given projections for India that will help define its development pathways vis-à-vis its climate change realities. AR 6 confirms the dire consequences that await humanity if urgent actions are not taken to mitigate the key drivers of climate change.

Given the projections of climate and development challenges, India has an opportunity to explore its own unique trajectory which will not only advance its economic prospects but also prepare itself to raise its climate ambition by leveraging its strengths.

The interactive session with IPCC Chair and Indian Business Leaders at COP28 delved into implications of the key findings of IPCC AR6 Report, followed by deliberations on how India can leverage its strengths, innovative technologies and climate friendly approaches to foster inclusive development.

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