Making our cities smart and resilient

03 Mar 2018

As of Census 2011, there are 7,935 towns, 475 Urban Agglomerations (UA) and 981 outgrowths in the country. There are 468 Class- I UA/Towns that have a population of more than 100,000 residents and 53 UA/Towns housing a population of one million or above. Among the million-plus UA/Cities, there are three ‘Megacities’ with more than 10 million population (Census, 2011).

Towards Sustainable Irrigation

03 Mar 2018

Agriculture is one of the major sources of livelihood for Indian farmers and contributes to the country’s GDP by 30% which is enormous this year.

Are our industries water smart?

03 Mar 2018

The prospective water availability scenario is set to be the greatest challenge of the 21st century amongst all the users or sectors due to continued rising and competing demand, inefficient use, pollution, and added risks due to climate change.

Methane-generating microbe to help power India

03 Mar 2018

TERI is a pioneer in microbial stimulated coal bed methane can increase the longevity and productivity of the coal bed methane fields. Coalbed methane stimulated by microbes can increase the longevity and productivity of the fields. TERI in partnership with OEC is continuing with various field experiments to enhance the gas production from different coalbed methane wells.

Producing hydrogen the biological way

03 Mar 2018

Energy plays a key role in socio-economic development of a nation and thus energy strategy of a nation targets at energy security as well as on energy efficiency. Current global energy demand is relying mostly on fossil fuels.

Slick Solution: Get eco-friendly microbes to chew oil-spills

03 Mar 2018

Our environment is being threatened by nearly every step we take in the direction of growth and development for betterment. Since our realization of the same, we have started taking the necessary steps to ensure we clean up the environment or at least attempt to do so.

Forests in India are net source of GHG emissions

03 Mar 2018

While forests begin to be seen as a tool for carbon sequestration, over 93% of GHG emissions in India continue to emanate from this same resource. This situation will remain unchanged if related policies and programmes are implemented at their current pace and commitment.

District Mineral Foundations: Sharing mining revenues with communities

03 Mar 2018

Five key things you should know about District Mineral Foundations, the local institutions established in mineral producing states to share mining revenues with affected communities.

Taking the PAT road to leaner, meaner industries

28 Feb 2018

The market-based mechanism brought about innovative ideas such as energy certificates and their trading to reduce energy consumption in industrial units