What does a growing economy consume? Breaking down India's resource appetite

08 May 2019

This blog series shall explore India's current material use and resource efficiency potential across various sectors

A green agenda: Converting waste to wealth

02 May 2019

A key issue in management of urban waste streams is to generate reliable data on waste inventory.

A green agenda: Sustainability imperatives for India's next government

02 May 2019

India's growth story should be balanced with sustainability.

A green agenda: Realising gains from resource efficiency for India

29 Apr 2019

Rising costs of accessing resources, shrinking geological availability, and risk of material exhaustion can be addressed with an integrated resource efficiency policy

Holistic approach needed for India's resource efficiency policy

26 Apr 2019

Better resource efficiency and material recovery can reduce India's import dependence and waste generation

A green agenda: Accelerating India's transition to clean energy

24 Apr 2019

The transition to a largely renewable power system will require clear, long-term and stable policy

A green agenda: Destressing India's water situation

24 Apr 2019

Declining water levels and over-exploited groundwater reserves point towards a grave future

Data collection is key to implementing conservation measures in energy intensive sectors

18 Apr 2019 | Ms Lalitya Reddy

Buildings are energy guzzlers

India is facing formidable challenges in meeting its energy needs. Domestic and commercial building sectors account for approximately one-third of total electricity consumption and these sectors are likely to consume around 37% of electricity in 2020-21. The commercial buildings sector which comprises office buildings, hotels, hospitals, educational institutes, retails malls, etc., consumes 9% of total electricity consumption in India.

A green agenda: Clearing India's air

18 Apr 2019

TERI's analyses suggests that industrial sector and secondary particulates are key sources of air pollution that should be focussed on

Addressing socio-cultural barriers is key to ensuring reuse of treated waste water

18 Apr 2019

Important to address socio, psychological and cultural barriers to ensure reuse of treated waste water