TERI analyses NFHS-4 data for child morbidity and chronic illnesses

20 Feb 2020

It suggests three response strategies for accelerating improvements in child health and reducing risk of chronic morbidity.

Have a sweet tooth? Treat yourselves to a spirulina chocolate bar

16 Jul 2019

When it comes to chocolate, resisting temptation is futile

Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food and the one food source that can make most pe

A new kind of chicken feed can help poultry farm owners boost nutrition and livelihood

30 May 2019 | Ms Monalisa Mukherjee

TERI develops feed from locally sourced ingredients such as Azolla, drumstick leaves and egg shells

How safe is the water that is supplied in our homes?

11 Sep 2018

Understanding groundwater contamination in India - Conversation with Anshuman, Associate Director, Water Resources, TERI

Exploring linkages between health and climate change

06 Apr 2018

With the direct and indirect impacts on health becoming equally challenging, what are some of the solutions we have

The Noxious Fumes of Fuel

03 Mar 2018

If you manage to break away from the maddening Delhi traffic for a fuel-refill, don't heave the sigh of relief. In fact, if possible, don’t breathe at all! That is what was revealed when TERI assessed air pollutants at 40 fuel refilling stations or 'petrol pumps' in Delhi.

Know, grow and fortify daily food at your own premises

03 Mar 2018

Against severe malnutrition in Maharashtra, TERI's model is making communities "food and nutrition sufficient" using local resources