Climate Adaptation and Financing

01 Jul 2022

TERI in this project will identify relevant adaptation strategies including short to long-term risk planning to support the adaptation and implementation process.

COVID-19 and nutrition: How the pandemic induced a much-awaited behavioural change

15 Oct 2020

A balanced diet and nutrition can act as an effective prophylactic measure against the COVID-19 infection. A positive behavioural change in our eating habits during lockdown must be sustained beyond the pandemic to ensure its long term positive impacts.

COVID-19 and food insecurity: How social schemes will help migrant workers?

22 Jul 2020

With no source of income in the COVID-19 lockdown, an unprecedented migrant crisis unfolded in India. Government aid can reduce the impact of coronavirus pandemic on the food security of migrant workers.

Vulnerability Index Tool: Vulnerability assessment for health

09 Jul 2020

A prototype digital tool is being developed for state health departments in India to upload data, and the vulnerability index can be generated using the tool.

Air Pollution Health Effects online tool

09 Jul 2020

This tool was created in collaboration with researchers from North Carolina State University (NCSU), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Statconsulta and sponsored by DST.

TERI conducts water monitoring of the Yamuna River during COVID-19 lockdown

06 Jul 2020

During COVID-19 lockdown, a study was conducted by TERI to observe the metals/heavy metal concentration in the Yamuna River.

Food safety during Coronavirus: How to clean fruits and vegetables at home

01 May 2020

Should you wash your fruits and vegetables with soap or detergent or is there a better, natural way to protect what you eat from possible pathogens

While we await Coronavirus cure, fortify your immunity with these natural remedies

25 Apr 2020

A look at the natural remedies that can be used to increase immunity in times of the Coronavirus pandemic

Lessons from the COVID-19 Response

23 Apr 2020

In the face of the global Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, there are lessons that should be learnt globally from the present crisis engulfing the whole world. Creation of spare healthcare capacities is clearly a necessity across the world. Managing communication would also be an increasing challenge.

In fight against Coronavirus, be aware of malnutrition's role in increasing vulnerability

17 Apr 2020

The linkage between malnutrition and susceptibility to viral infections becomes especially important in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic